Match well of Chinese and western “white snake” conquer the Pulitzer composer zhou long story creation course


although it is not the first time the prize, a professor at the university of Missouri Chinese composer Zhou Longceng won the grammy music awards, the literary academy lifetime achievement award. But this time, composed by him as the “white snake” won the Pulitzer awards, or make him a little surprise.

when he was just the nap in Kansas city home, his wife told him the award. Later on, he really feel the influence of the huge awards for: from the ap, the New York times, the Los Angeles times each big media such as telephone interview from early to late, just have a rest, the time difference of 14 hours of Chinese journalists began to work during the day, the telephone interview is here.

is the most direct result, a large number of interview, led to the complete said his throat dumb. Is not too can sound state, media also don’t pass him, asked him to say again.

& other; Although is the first time writing an opera, but winning is not accidental, is the result of many years of hard work was recognized. Throughout the &; At the end the Pulitzer award Chinese musicians are absent.

the Pulitzer award evaluation composer zhou long said: & other; The third act and act iv in the opera music, have an orgasm and moving things. Throughout the &;

a Pulitzer prize in spring every year by Columbia University’s Pulitzer prize committee assess, may by Columbia University President officially issued. Now, by the original & other; The public service award & throughout; A journalism development to now 14 news category and seven creative category, one of the seven awards in writing i.e. literature, drama, music class.

zhou long was born in 1953 in the siheyun of old Beijing drum tower under, experienced & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; . In the wilderness of ice and snow had shortage, lived in shacks. In 1979, the central academy of music, and tan dun, xiaogang ye, qu xiao-song and called the hospital & other; The big four wit & throughout; . After graduating from college in 1983 was hired as the China national radio symphony orchestra in the composer. In 1985 won the scholarship to study at Columbia University in New York, from zhou wenzhong, Mr. Davydov and Edwards, 1993 obtained a doctorate in music art. Kansas city, Missouri university professor of college of music.

his works by the China national symphony orchestra, the BBC symphony orchestra, the London symphony orchestra, the Los Angeles philharmonic, brooklyn, New York Philharmonic, Russian philharmonic orchestra and German philharmonic orchestra, the premiere broadcasting and recording.

for this time, zhou long, said composition is not difficult, difficult is to work with people of different the play, which requires mutual understanding of deliberation and break-in, is a big project.

westerners view of “white snake”

the story of “white snake” is a household name in China, the main variety of opera performed mostly “white snake”, a variety of film and television works more than 10 kinds of version.

this one made of Boston opera “white snake”, in which the script writer, director and the actors, mostly in the west, they are not for the established impression of “white snake” in traditional Chinese, only in accordance with & other; Throughout the script and music &; , the interpretation of a “white snake” in their eyes.

writers Chinese name is cerise lim jacobs, she grew up in Singapore Chinese, but is the growth of the western background. After graduated from harvard has been work in the lawyers in the United States. Before play writing, she neither wrote the script, also does not have written a novel. Is only associated with creation, she has been on the university creative writing session, then there is the love of opera for years.

she deeply infatuated with small to hear the story of “white snake”, especially like, produced in 1962, shaw him starring the film version of “white snake”. She wants to see this written opera, as the gift to her husband. Cerise lim jacobs said: & other; Want to dig the white niang son in from snakes to the identity of the person experience the changes of state of mind, such a woman how to pursue love, enjoy love, to finally have to face the betrayal? In the western literary tradition, role exploration is often the focus in the heart of the world. Throughout the &; After completion of the script, she found the Boston opera house. This is the cause of the opera “white snake” was born.

when zhou long to get the script, is a indoor opera about 40 minutes. Are more familiar with “white snake” story, so that he put forward for the characters and stories in the play a lot of changes. He suggested that will be great for green snake concentrates on compression, the scenes of white snake is aggravating, & other; Otherwise how could call “white snake”? Throughout the &; And then modified into a four-act play 100 minutes, with four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter, and then join the children’s chorus of tang poetry between four ACTS as a song during the intervals.

when plays more and more perfect, a western view of “white snake” was born.

the first thing we can see green snake in the play the role of subversion. Opera one opening, a body chubby men in America, a green, wearing a wig hang down to the shoulders. He affectionately sing: I despair, until the end of life, I with her reincarnation, at the same time as the snake; God blessing, give me a girl, from now on I can stand her body; Now that I am half snake and female, in the world the most painful, than this.

in the story, snake and green snake is half man and half he adored her, but always can’t have; The white niang son and her husband, mutual love, xu xian is under the urging of fa hai, complete betrayal that the white coax her to drink poison.

the assistant director play archie Anna, ‘said the story is very suitable for creation into opera, is because he tells the story of a do not have love, stories and people of the world, the world of animals, in the spirit world. This is a story and opera to a beat, or places.

overturned the green snake

green snake star manny archie, can sing out of one of the few male soprano. The sound quality, only have special yan in the ancient opera music to have. Although the image of zhou long think manny archie and xiaoqing, but praise for the sound of his voice: & other; To reach a certain register later, his voice is very beautiful, is different from the mezzo-soprano, also different from the sopranos. Throughout the &;

in an interview with the media, manny archie explained his understanding of the xiaoqing: & other; The role of emotional expression from the perspective of a man, is very interesting, very unusual. The man have to appear with a girl, he hated himself, he was still in her deep feelings, but cannot express. Throughout the &;

zhou long felt xiaoqing scenes are very heavy, because he also take on the characters of the narrator, in the opening and transformation, during the intervals on the stage about the background of the story, or tip has just happened.

soprano overwhelmed with plays the white niang son in opera, the character’s personality, independent, inflexible in pursuit of love, the but again is a tragic character. While composing, zhou long, giving the role long beautiful aria, and implied depression in tone.

overwhelmed with was born in Shanghai and have settled in New York for many years. At an early age, she was a famous director Frederic mitterrand, selected and joined the “madame butterfly”, play leading lady qiao qiao sang. She had the highest level of the world stage & ndash; New York’s Metropolitan Opera house on stage.

in order to play this role, use & other; Direct and pure & throughout; Voice to sing her feeling, she gave up her western opera in consistent vigorous, shaking the large soprano, specially to visit Peking Opera master, study skills, breathing, use & other; Another kind of style & throughout; Conquered the audience. In singing, she make some all of a sudden, explosive movement from time to time, to show the nature of the white snake.

in the second scene, her husband is an umbrella for her, the white niang son pretend that got heart disease. The script in the cerise lim jacobs, xu xian one up, put his hand touched her breasts. Said zhou long, wrong is wrong, in ancient China, the doctor gave women ask, all want to draw the curtain to pulse, which have come up to touch the chest? Later, this one detail, by the touch chest changed to pulse.

this a “white snake”, in Beijing, attracting many domestic dispute. This is not what we are familiar with the traditional “white snake”. The broken bridge on the stage, is a metal broken bridge, even the white niang son boudoir, is also a leather sofa.

but this is the real china-us cooperation. American director and producer completely break through the Chinese for thousands of years in this drama stylized expression. & other; It is more modern, more pioneer. Throughout the &;

the love for the theater director wood fluctuates more incisively and vividly. He bluntly said, if you want me to do, I don’t understand Chinese traditional, is also impossible to stiffly imitate mechanically, I only do I understand “white snake”.

in the opening, a huge multimedia show the white snake molting process of adults. It was a fat white woman, take off the snake slowly, the naked body. To change into a theater ying huang appeared from the bathtub. Zhou long thought, this strange again, and a little sense of humor.

& other; Director for a model, a parking lot in Los Angeles, put a large glass of water, and then let the model in performance, and made into a DV, a multimedia projection. Throughout the &;

it is said that at the end of the Boston performance, role of actor on stage curtain call, cerise lim jacobs penultimate curtain call, she mixed feelings, tears streaming down her face. Zhou long. After American audiences to the long standing ovation applause, media for evaluation of the opera’s enthusiasm. Now, it won a Pulitzer music awards. There is no doubt that it conquered the United States.