Medical professor: “ren du second pulse is unblocked

who is familiar with the jin yong’s martial arts novels, mostly for & other; Ren du second pulse & throughout; Impressed this term, this is the people is very important of XueWu two human body acupuncture point. A lot of wulin middleman end life, just to seek & other; Through ren du second pulse & throughout; In the quest of rare talents. But everyone knows that Wu Xiagui martial art, reality belong to it, like zhang mowgli in dungeons, total annihilation, only in the novel.

& other; Miracle & throughout; Appeared. On May 22, the gansu province health department issued a “medical personnel in gansu province qi run learning backbone training in wushan spa hotel successfully held” of news, news that from 9 hospitals at the provincial level and various cities in gansu province people’s hospital, hospital, the leadership of the traditional Tibetan hospital and medical staff a total of 47 people, took part in the true spirit run learning backbone training training, on May 12 to 20 just nine days, there are 41 students & other; Created as overseers second pulse & throughout; . & other; Go through nine days of training, all the students have mastered five steps overseers method and dynamic static reactive power gastrointestinal function, guide the training method of five birds, feel the qi in du veins running after, to experience the magic of extensive and profound Chinese medicine, proved the existence of jingluo has confidence on the Chinese medicine. Throughout the &; & ndash; In this article on the website also mentioned.

it & other; Ren du second pulse & throughout; ? Really & other; Through ren du second pulse & throughout; ?

does & other; Ren du second pulse & throughout;

in the face of the Internet, the gansu province health department of the liouville’s loyal to the afternoon of May 23 to respond by personal weibo, he said, & other; Very understand netizens question: under the misleading of martial arts novels, everybody thought through ren du second pulse is a very difficult thing. Throughout the &; Wei-zhong liu said on weibo, & other; I want to tell you, from the traditional Chinese medicine, through ren du second pulse just let qi more unobstructed, better health, and not what fighting skill JueXue. Throughout the &;

human existence & other; Ren du second pulse & throughout; ? The two meridians really like in jin yong’s martial art novels say so magical? Once you get through can practice skill borne?

& other; & lsquo; Ren du second pulse & rsquo; Is the name of the two meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, the human body meridians without pathological happened is unblocked, & lsquo; Through ren du second pulse & rsquo; Theory is based on the novel imagination, there is no scientific reason. Throughout the &; , a professor at the university of Chinese medicine, nanjing benq hospital, director of the national physician hall Zhou Chunxiang tells time weekly newspaper reporters.

as the nanjing university of Chinese medicine teaching and research section golden typhoid, doctoral supervisor, director of traditional Chinese medicine, medicine and internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine Dr Double postdoctoral, professor Zhou Chunxiang also concretely explains the overseers in traditional medicine pulse. He said, from the traditional theory, the traditional Chinese medicine does have du second pulse, li shizhen in writing the strange through eight veins to take an examination of, strange through eight veins made a description of the human body and published their own views. According to the views of the book, strange through eight veins refers to the outside of the twelve meridians eight meridians, including ren meridian and du meridian, with the veins, arteries and veins, Yin cross veins, Yin, Yang cross vein pulse, divert the pulse. Due to the eight meridians twelve meridians different from traditional Chinese medicine theory, therefore calls & other; Throughout the &; . According to TCM, the eight veins neither zang-fu organs directly under, and no exterior-interior coordination. Its physiological functions, mainly for twelve meridians qi plays an excessive accumulation of operation and adjustment.

& other; We have four main and collateral channels, each have left and right sides. After du meridian is the body’s vibration line, manager sun be the spirit, there is something wrong with the du meridian can lead to disease, hunched over, have a headache backache Ren meridian is the body’s first line, vibration on the abdomen, chest, director Yin meridians. About these, and textbooks have very detailed information on the network. Throughout the &; Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine professor shui-jin shao explained. Shui-jin shao is professor of Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture point anatomy laboratory director, master unripe adviser, is also a professional committee of the Chinese society of acupuncture and moxibustion acupuncture literature, in fact, have a good study of meridian and the human body structure of shui-jin shao has published in journal of Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine and ren du two pulse related papers.

two professional opinion, they think: in traditional medical literature, & other; Ren du second pulse & throughout; To get through, do exist, but not does not exist to say & ndash; In fact, the human body as overseers second pulse is.

& other; Since the two pulse has relationship with some lesions, general will use of TCM acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, will adjust through channels and collaterals disease. Throughout the &; Shui-jin shao said. And Zhou Chunxiang said, & other; If you have the corresponding condition, generally need to suit the undertake recuperating. , of course, a few small disease, such as colds, catch cold catch cold or fierce cold wave and so on, as long as through regular exercise makes the meridians unobstructed, and alleviate the illness. Throughout the &;

& other; Wonderful feeling & throughout; Cannot prove

related report, & other; Created as overseers second pulse & throughout; 41 students described his own & other; Wonderful feeling & throughout; . According to China news network reported, this training is a student from a head of 3 armour hospital, has nearly 50 years old this year. He describes his never had the feeling to the reporter: & other; The next day I practice to static reactive abdomen, but the body is not feeling; Renal district heating on the third day at noon, sensation, and at night there is within the head, body heat, heat ring; After 4 days there the water is boiling, brain keeps abdomen to breathe if sand flow temperature. Then the teacher said, I have already & lsquo; Tong du & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Another traditional Tibetan hospital dean said in 5 days after the training & other; Tong du & throughout; , he said: & other; That afternoon, I feel there are a lot of ants climb constantly from my face, head is very painful, and then the feeling fade away. Other thoracic like acupuncture, unbearable. Throughout the &; In the training, the title of the highest one western medicine doctoral tutor, after eight days of training, also said & other; Tong du & throughout; A: & other; Just feel hot, double kidney along the du meridian upward, upward at night to the head, the head like a band live, feel very boring. Throughout the &;

for these students feel, professor shui-jin shao. In his view, even if will get through du said the experience of two pulse beautifully, but all of these is a person the feeling of unspeakable, also cannot get confirmed: & other; Like a person lose, will your breath sores, but can’t put & lsquo; Fire & rsquo; Take out; Such as air, also could not get & lsquo; Gas & rsquo; . Some things are invisible in TCM. Who can judge themselves created as overseers two pulse? There is no way to use instruments to prove! Throughout the &;

& other; I don’t believe it! Throughout the &; Professor shui-jin shao is very safe to say on the phone, & other; Indeed, as overseers second pulse on the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine is some, but not get through. Even get through, can’t see you ah, just like qigong, qigong can’t see me ah, there was no way to use experiments to prove it. They say through channels and collaterals, we can’t believe it. Throughout the &;

in his view, the traditional Chinese medicine in many theories such as channels and collaterals, is invisible, and unable to detect. So-called meridian patency, announced on the subjective and it is impossible to prove.