Mei lanfang’s two wives: the same liyuan family respect each other regardless of size

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wife Wang Minghua

mei lanfang, 17, who got married. Mei lanfang marry the wife is called Wang Minghua, she was born into a family of Beijing Opera father ong soon hock attack “, brother Wang Yulou, is a famous my kingdom. Wang Minghua things capable, can bear, will be living, and reasonable. She had just married, still not wealthy family, she is too poor, but diligent housework. Her hand is also very smart, mei lanfang one winter sheep furred robe, because wear time is too long, leather board is broken, but the note, her a dab hand can let mei lanfang wear a winter.

Wang Minghua son married mei lanfang first biennial under large forever; Every fifty year after giving birth to her daughter, son, daughter is very clever. Mei lanfang whenever SanXi home at that time, a urine drunk in a happy family.

Wang Minghua in mei lanfang gave a lot of useful Suggestions on the career. Such as “chang e” chang e clothing, old play is tie skirt in ao son inside, at the suggestion of Wang Minghua, creators with reference to the ancient beauty diagram, instead of pink soft silk of chest outside of a white coat soft silk dress, the waist round silk sash into all kinds of flowers around, among a dozen ruyi knot of ribbon, hanging on both sides some wek-jin. This design became a stylized costumes. Chang e leading style of the last and Wang Minghua solution, her design is to let her hair hang behind, is divided into two, each near the neck part and a velvet do & other The head & throughout; , in the first two ruyi knot below with a wig. Not only that, Wang Minghua to comb my hair is very capable. Mei lanfang early in a costume play, go out to XiGuan, had always with a wooden box. The inside is Wang Minghua for false combed his hair in the home, because the hair comb even special comb master all do not go up. Mei lanfang on stage just put a false hair down to his head, a fine image of ancient beauty immediately appeared.

a popular actor, then as light up the lamp of the summer, will inevitably bring a variety of insect moths beat flying around. Actors affected by the harassment and career, temptations and misguided BuFaJiLi. To avoid mei lanfang interference, Wang Minghua came backstage, mei lanfang comb my hair, makeup. Lady horse, mei lanfang’s side immediately clean a lot of.

mei lanfang performed for the first time to visit Japan, Wang Minghua is followed. So the success, also have her a copy of the credit. To senior partner at the side of mei lanfang, after Wang Minghua and mei lanfang gave birth to a pair of children, at that time the thoughtless, to do the sterilization, only big yonghe es a child because of poor health condition and subsequently died. Since then, mei lanfang SanXi every night to go home, don’t hear two children happy laughter, words can’t describe the pain in my heart. Lost sons and daughters of mei lanfang, though sad nor deep responsibility for his wife, but he has a shoulder Tiao fannie and Freddie, did not let him at large for too long.

forever fu zhi fang

fu zhi fang is mei lanfang’s second wife. They first met in 1920 in a hall, mei lanfang on this well disposed only 15 years old girl, think she looks very atmosphere, & other; On the stage is straightforward, treat people with courtesy, dedicated & throughout; . Fine a inquire, fu zhi fang turned out to be Wu Ling fairy female disciple. Mei later please match-making Wu Ling fairy to the home.

fu zhi fang was born in Beijing such a family, my father died early, and his mother lived alone. Blessed mother heard that mei lanfang already had a wife, sidewalks, my home, though poor, but my daughter doesn’t do concubine. Mei said, mei lanfang’s shoulder Tiao fannie and Freddie, fu zhi fang after entry, may will take her home with the wife in front view, regardless of size. The blessed mother was promised to the marriage. The winter of 1921, mei lanfang and fu zhi fang married.

Wang Minghua is very friendly to fu zhi fang, and fu zhi fang was also respect to Wang Minghua, when she gave birth to the eldest son, immediately give Wang Minghua proposed adoption, also give Wang Minghua son himself. Wang Minghua received little hat to the baby, and will back to the fu zhi fang, she said to fu zhi fang, & other; My body is not good, also please sister a lot of care, take good care of the family. Throughout the &; Wang Minghua via treated from lung disease is not the more, the body is very weak. Later as for illness, she went to the tianjin alone, eventually died of tianjin. Fu zhi fang after learning, call son go to tianjin welcome back the coffin, buried her Beijing xiangshan green cloud temple, the high mountain huashan.

mei lanfang and fu zhi fang feelings is very good. In support of her husband’s career, fu zhi fang married plum home gave up acting, xiangfujiaozi attentively. When idle, under the help of her husband to read. Mei lanfang also specially invited two for her teacher taught her to read, this makes the original literacy of the few to her culture can read ancient texts. Later, she always mei lanfang reading, painting, modify the script, often to the theatre backstage makeup do clothing design work, even with the contradiction between actors, she also help mei lanfang to speak together.

show, mei lanfang’s most like to go to place is mixed, perhaps because & other; Flower & throughout; And his words & other; Wan throughout China &; The reason of the harmonics. He bought a piece of land at the foot of the hill, and planting trees to build a house, the name & other; The rain is sweet throughout pavilion villa &; . At an early age, here is a place where he from worldly CARES cultivate one’s morality raises a gender and later here again before Mrs. Wang Minghua burial place. One day in the late 1950 s, he and Mrs. Fu zhi fang swim in here again. I do not know why, he said suddenly, & other; I think I’d better buried here after death. Throughout the &; Fu zhi fang thought her husband said casually, then interface way: & other; You old after one hundred has not been come in babaoshan revolutionary cemetery. Throughout the &; Mei lanfang was worry ground to say: & other; I like into the babaoshan, what would you do? Throughout the &; A listen to this, fu zhi fang tears almost eye, she didn’t know that mei lanfang is intended to permanently together with her, to have such idea. Later, mei lanfang’s tomb in here, he is on both sides of two of his wife.