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in the middle of July, 2011 a night, as usual, as night falls, liuhe district, a village of the villagers has put out the lamp to sleep, the whole village is immersed in the quiet gradually. But this quiet is the wee hours of fear of a & other; Help & throughout; And an item of broke up thoroughly broken.

the villagers were out of the house to see. It found that, in just that, after several loud cry for help unexpectedly the murder happened in the village. The murderer, was persistent honesty duty of youth pingyuan.

kill identified youth having psychiatric

the villagers were reported, the police rushed to the scene, the scene a mess, and several times in the victim huang body, pour in a pool of blood, has died. After investigation the victim who is huang village, to live alone for a long time, was not militant offended with others. Why she killed by the sword in the middle of the night, who the killer is, and what the motive, to kill huang?

when you puzzled, a woman appeared in front of police in shock. She was so scared to civilian police, describes the time the crime was committed and incoherently told police that the murderer is Lin mou son she has always been honest.

according to the report of the masses, the police will have a major criminal suspects pingyuan overnight success caught, but found that Lin mou confusion, bizarre behavior. In the next trial, Lin mou confessed to killing. His explanation of motive inconceivable, Lin mou, said he is at home to watch a television show, see a lot of beautiful women on the stage, at that time the mood irritability, hallucinations and suddenly out of control.

associated with strange words, behavior before police initially suspected pingyuan may be suffering from mental illness, according to the criminal procedure, the pingyuan mental judicial authentication. Conclusion shows that the pingyuan is intermittent mental patients, kill people when it is a state of illness.

ask for compensation for the family 300000 yuan

Lin mou to justice, the families of the dead demanded to be executed. Learn pingyuan was identified as intermittent mental patients, and the killing need not bear criminal responsibility, the family is very discontent, and put forward a new application for judicial authentication. And once again the result of the appraisal is still maintain the original conclusion.

meanwhile, pingyuan mother’s statement was also confirmed: Lin mou has been found to have psychiatric symptoms, but his family to protect him, always tell him I want to hide, and also not to outsiders. In the family, Lin mou’s father is known as mental illness.

on this basis, the families of the dead to court to lodge a civil compensation of personal injury lawsuits. Asked Lin mou and their parents to pay the victim compensation for death, funeral expenses, compensation for mental injury, such as a total of more than 30, ten thousand yuan.

however Lin Fu mental illness for a long period of time, lose labor ability, basic and Lin mother old, labor income is limited, had very poor family, and now face greater debt pressure. In view of this, the criminal suspect’s family to the liuhe district of legal aid center to apply for legal aid.

legal aid lawyers, PanPei 230000 yuan

Legal aid lawyer by

after positive response, the defendant on the subject qualification of pingyuan, aid lawyer provides mental judicial identification documents, to prove that the offender pingyuan is indeed limited capacity when the crime happened, no obligation for compensation.

whether you need to suffer from mental illness Lin Fu assume liability to pay compensation, aid lawyer also many times its clinic psychiatric hospitals, provides Lin Fu evidence for mental illness treatment for a long time, to prove his, though, as the legal guardian in the pingyuan, but not to perform the duty of guardian should be removed from the civil compensation obligations.

in the end, the court supported the aid to the lawyer’s opinion, sentence the defendant to the plaintiff compensation of 230000 yuan. Concrete implementation way, is the first to own property to pingyuan, skimpy share by owes a duty of care and monitoring ability of Lin mother bear.

/jinling evening news reporter Wu Congling

the correspondent CAI yuxin