Michael Jackson’s paintings exposure favorite picture yourself (photo)

“boy like”

“Washington as”

Jackson art consultant, artists, Brett & middot; Livingstone & middot; Strang recently invited the reporter visited he and Jackson Shared studio and art warehouse, this is also where Jackson’s creation.

studio has a lot of Jackson’s work, many of which were crayon sketch. Strang, Jackson’s favorite subject is his own, he created his own portrait in plaque, to decorate the entrance to the theatre. He also likes to draw some of your favorite celebrities, such as he painted George & middot; Washington, Paul & middot; McCartney, Martin & middot; Luther & middot; A lot of portrait of gold. However, his favorite picture is the theme of the chair, even his beloved pet monkey face into a chair. & other; He loves the chair, he think the chair is the throne of men, women, and children. He won a lot of inspiration from the chair. He also likes painting doors, keys and number seven. Throughout the &;

Jackson is a collector, collection of Ronald & middot; President Ronald Reagan signed the medal, President Kennedy’s rocking chair, etc. The collection of this presentation for farm design including him in the chair, door, sculpture, etc. Strang says the see is part of Jackson’s collection. He hope to build a museum in the future to Jackson’s works.