Mid autumn festival — to the old customs, staple food bread eaten together men can’t worship

on September 12, is the traditional Mid-Autumn festival. Cui Dai diccourse writer said in an interview with news agency reporter, old Beijing in the Mid-Autumn festival this day & other; Worship & throughout; Customs, family staple food to eat & other; Reunion cake & throughout; Moon cake is of tea after a meal. But & other; Worship & throughout; Is the business of women, children, men can’t attend.

origin: Mid-Autumn festival reunion festival, is a man not worship

Cui Daiyuan said, first of all, is a the reunion of the festival Mid-Autumn festival, also called & other; Zhongqiu & throughout; , & other The mid autumn festival & throughout; , & other August half throughout the &; . The Mid-Autumn festival have worship & other; Luna empress & throughout; And worship & other; The lunar star jun & throughout; , offering month, moon, go on, hang lantern, eat moon cakes, eat family reunion dinner, for the Lord rabbit, osmanthus wine, such as folk custom, the August 15 again & other said The mid autumn festival & throughout; , & other Mooncake festival & throughout; , sometimes called & other; Lord rabbit section & throughout; . Worship is women’s thing, so also called & other; Sections & throughout; .

why aka & other; Sections & throughout; ? Cui Daiyuan said, August 16th the day in the past, women want to look back. And the old Beijing have words called & other; For a man not worship, female people not & throughout; . Because the past exquisite moon & other; Yin & throughout; So worship is a woman.

Mid-Autumn eat custom: staple food bread eaten together Moon cakes just snack

when it comes to the Mid-Autumn festival, must want to say to the moon cake. According to introducing, the earliest written records of moon cakes in China, are of su dongpo poem: & other; Small cakes such as chewing months, cake and candy. Throughout the &; That is to say, since song dynasty when the moon cake to gradually the line of the city, and many reunion moon cakes to another layer of meaning: the seasonal round cakes have round the symbol meaning of reunion, wanli this with bright, a year the most clear today.

Cui Daiyuan says, old Beijing for moon cake, must be & other; Tap the red & throughout; , and can’t be & other; Tap the white & throughout; .

he said, the old Beijing is the Mid-Autumn festival to eat & other Tap the red & throughout; And & other; Tap the white & throughout; Two traditional moon cakes, and other Family reunion dinner is finished after the moon, because Beijing Mid-Autumn festival moon rose later, will probably have to wait until more minutes at 9 o ‘clock the moon rises, then people will place on the table in the courtyard, drink a cup of tea, and eat moon cakes. Throughout the &;

& other; Tap the red & throughout; As a sacrifice so have strict rules, to do with sesame oil, have different nuts in there, and Beijing & other; Moss, red silk & throughout; (Yang mei and dried tangerine or orange peel), and rock sugar. & other; Tap the white & throughout; Material is more casual, there is no special provisions, only is with lard and surface.

the Mid-Autumn festival also made a brown sugar, sesame paste called & other; Reunion cake & throughout; Pasta to symbolize the family base, and the meaning of reunion. Method is: will send good flour alkaline after kneaded into four pieces of book covers according to food steamers size to flatten it out, on each piece are add some sesame paste, osmanthus juice, sugar and code on some dried fruit and walnut kernel raisins, layers of stacked together, a larger to flatten it out from the top downward YanChengDa round cake, its bag on the drawer steamed.

& other; Reunion cake & throughout; And the difference is that the former can be used as a staple food, and the moon cake is tea.

worship custom: poor people watch the moon in the water tanks

Cui Daiyuan says, & other; Worship & throughout; To have a moonlight code, it is very big a piece of toilet paper, print some rune, half on the lunar star gentleman, below half month male, Lord rabbit. Then paste on Shu straw, inserted in the middle. In the past there is a children’s song, & other; In moonlight code for throughout the &; . But is not the custom now.

the Lord rabbit, edge, there are two things, as is the vase cockscomb, on behalf of the moon in the swaying tree. And as for the branch edamame, because the rabbit likes to eat.

in terms of food, to supply & other; Reunion cake & throughout; , moon cakes, etc. Consecrate the fruit, anything, just can’t put the pear. But must put the lotus root, represent to Lord rabbit teeth, and try to take part and family.

after the moon rises, eight, nine, women and children to worship. Points for the offerings, after all.

after the meal, conditional family can go to the north sea, joyous pavilion to enjoy the moon. Not a condition, is placed in the courtyard on a cylinder, to watch the moon.

can only get to play at the hands of the gods: Lord rabbit

Cui Daiyuan introduction, Lord rabbit is a traditional old Beijing Mid-Autumn seasonal items, also is the only one can get to play at the hands of the gods.

he said, the Lord rabbit & other Throughout the home &; The kitchen god temple outside the flower market, is based in Beijing of the gods.

Cui Daiyuan pointed out that Lord rabbit first rabbit, and is also a person (wear armor, anthropomorphic), is to worship of the gods. In particular, Lord rabbit, or thing. For after the young children can play in his hand. This and other gods have obvious difference.