Mike aneurysm burst into a painter Tony was lightning strike ChengGangQin wizards

communication may be struck by lightning.

there is some people in real life, they are experienced by lightning or remove part of the brain, incredibly, math, music, fine arts from the aspects of outstanding ability, some of the phenomenon it is very difficult for even the experts explain, it may call & other; A blessing in disguise, behind bad luck comes good luck throughout the &; .

high fever after the door of the super memory ability was open

Italian Buddha lang elder brother & middot; Horse nyongani fever after unexpectedly clearly remember my childhood home.

left to live, the right is the horse nyongani painted by the memory of more than 30 years ago.

in the 1960 s, when more than 30 years old Italian Buddha lang elder brother & middot; The horse nyongani immigration to the United States in San Francisco. May be due to the water, one day he suddenly had a high fever, even appear the symptom such as mental disorder and epilepsy.

after her illness, and the horse nyongani often recall their hometown in Italy during the day spent most of my childhood, the evening will dream scene at that time. Although he has never been back there for 30 years, but his mind about everything is very clear, there seems to be his epilepsy packaged he exists in the brain of the old image to & other; Throughout the earthquake &; Opened.

horse nyongani in Italy is a chef, immigrated to the United States to become a carpenter. Although he had never studied painting, because all day are those memories & other; Entanglement & throughout; He must find a way to release, so he started to use painting to picture display of memories, and his paintings and real scene almost exactly the same.