Ming tower 400 jins spire was stolen Beijing well no similar ancient towers

a larger phase the canopy on the wheel is moving to the east tower, DaCha missing; Insets for east tower of the original DaCha for stone gourd shape, fruity modelling elegant

taken/reporter Cui Yifei

recently, a Ming dynasty pagoda fangshan district GuJiShan DaCha (commonly known as spire) was stolen. Experts identified the tower has important historical and cultural research value, from now on well no similar shape and texture of the pagoda.

not only such, journalists to visit GuJiShan group of cultural relics, last year found that seven existing cultural relics were damaged. Was reported, the local cultural relics departments promised to strengthening the protection of power.

one year later, however, the region protective measures is still not in place, many cultural relics and add & other; New injury & throughout; . Relevant departments according to protect funding is a big problem.

site & other; Serious injuries throughout the &; Acient gourd shape DaCha lost again

GuJiShan group of cultural relics, qinglong lake county fangshan district is located in the north village, 1981 was released as well as the county (today’s fangshan district) key bump units, existing mountains tower, two tomb, temple and cultural relics.

stolen the pagoda is located in the valley of shandong side, commonly known as east tower, built during Ming chenghua fifteen years (1479), more than 534 years of history. East tower for stone in type, about 6 meters high. Reporters visited last year, when the east tower on round neck (tower) between canopy and stone gourd shape DaCha is still in, DaCha fruity and elegant shape.

however, reporter recently visited again, only to find that, in the canopy on the wheel displacement of about 0.5 meters, & other; Stone gourd shape DaCha & throughout; Has gone.

this is not the first time that the east tower is destroyed. Eastern Kentucky had stolen holes left by the early years, seat to intrauterine & other; Buddha nirvana figure & throughout; 2000 years later was stolen, panlong sunk panel at the top of the destroyed chisel. Kentucky for cover bowl the tower body, and each have stone carving a niche, niche within the rock in recent years have been stolen.

though scarred pagoda inside and outside, but as of last year basic complete architectural appearance. But now, the pagoda even & other; Head & throughout; Were stolen, look very uncomfortable.

according to the mountain spirit griffin temple nearby farmers, east tower DaCha stolen is nearly half a month, but they did not find someone approaches during the day up the hill. Who stole the estimate a thief is in the middle of the night to walk up the hill.