Misreading of historical facts in one thousand: du fu is not poor “thatched cottage” is like a person of extraordinary powers curtilage (FIG.)

du fu thatched cottage pavilion

tao yuanming story figure (local)

tao yuanming memorial & other; The wind is high section & throughout; Arch

du fu thatched cottage

henan gongyi, du fu cemetery

can house is related to people to live and work in peace and contentment, and has been closely watched through the ages. In Chinese history, home buyers of anecdotes, one of the biggest impact has two: one is the eastern jin tao yuanming, another is the tang dynasty, du fu. The former lived in & other; Xanadu & throughout; , for the posterity envy envy hate; The latter in chengdu built a & other; Throughout our site &; , became the symbol of can’t afford to buy a house. Actually, this is two by us & other; Misreading & throughout; One thousand years of historical facts.

why tao yuanming & other; Not for the bureau count & throughout; Also in officialdom 13 years?

tao yuanming (365-427 AD), also known as latent, characters, number five, Mr Liu invertors Yang wood mulberry (now southwest of jiangxi jiujiang) person. According to “the Book of Jin & middot; YuanMing biography, when he was young, he once official, do drink offering, and towns across states army to join the army, Peng Zeling small officer, at the age of 41 resignation left office, in seclusion at the foot of lushan mountain, put his ideas into rural, drinking chanting songs, die life.

so, tao yuanming always be remembered as a representative of free from vulgarity.

from this resume in this period of life, tao yuanming’s life and political career seems to be failure. Tao yuanming’s well-respected, and highly talented, & other; With less noble, learned the good throughout the text &; , this should have a good future. He was at the age of 29 official officer, but he didn’t do a few days & other; And official position & throughout; To go home. In fact, he is feel when & other; Civil servants & throughout; His cat, it is better to go home farming in the sun.

since then, tao yuanming and official opportunity and experience a few times, but he, after all, not when the government, one of the most powerful position is the final penzer (now jiangxi penzer). In this position and this should be a great step to promotion, but no catch, tao yuanming and quit.

tao yuanming resigned specific time in YiXi first year (AD 405), in the xiao tong, editor of “the biography of tao yuanming and such account: & other; Age, county sent overseers mail to. County collectors please yue: & lsquo; Shall be band saw. & rsquo; YuanMing TanYue: & lsquo; I can for the bureau count to the village children! & rsquo; This solution ribbon left office, “come home”. Throughout the &;

on tao yuanming in the eastern jin officialdom mix for 13 years, before and after the last fall to resign home end, shook his head. If he really don’t want to be officer, also won’t ups and downs in officialdom for such a long time. Why did his political career rut? On the surface is the lofty, is mixed not bottom go to.

the state-owned national law, the home has rules, & other; Work & throughout; Nature also should comply with the corresponding rules. Dressed to go to see the boss called & other; Should the band saw & throughout; Remind, is also with someone? Visible tao yuanming too casually at ordinary times, kindly remind others, but he is not happy.

from this matter, it’s not hard to see defects in tao yuanming’s character. Don’t even pay attention to instrument appearance, along with the gender for, the character of people talk about how to be a good officer?

however, scholars generally respectable living death, even if failed also want to find a reason to beautiful, tao yuanming perhaps is such. Mixed not bottom go to, who says he is don’t want to go, this Q type method of the spirit of victory, still be many people talk about mixed up.