Miss expert curators pei-heng zhang: research when there is a “antique”

early June 7, 77 – year – old history of fudan university experts Mr Pei-heng zhang died. Because of this news, fudan campus network into a black and white.

not very unexpected news. Mr Zhang fell ill and has a tendency to deteriorate, had heard earlier, yet still disappointed and depressed, with a professor of fudan, we lost, is such a & other; There are ancient history scholars throughout &; .

in the 21st century, with & other; There are antique & throughout; Academics, has not much.

& other; There are antique & throughout; Professor pei-heng zhang always looks out of it, but with temperament stories, addicted to tea shower, tell the history of anecdotes so more interesting, seems to have reveals the wei and jin dynasty. In the words of a more modern, some & other; Wit rocks & throughout; ; While focusing on the ancient books all day long, but as a fellow villagers, lu xun in the 1950 s by hu feng’s investigation, he, in spirit is not with the time things diaphragm; Academic, and he received the Zhu Dong embellish, Jia Zhifang, Jiang Tianshu senior economist, to the reporter talk about the three are not in the eyes of teachers, language expression always end the ‘respect; As a tenured professor of fudan university, graduate students saw him are a little afraid, because he attaches great importance to the basic skills of serious academic research.

literature and history research, about is far from being a famous pei-heng zhang. After all, he does not belong to the class only two hundred and thirty can & other; Prolific & throughout; Anytime, anywhere can LouLianEr on TV and newspaper prizes, for a variety of popular events published informed that experts. And, by contrast, followed by several teachers, he left the writings are rare: articles not scattered theory, early is a “hong sheng pu”, there is a “yi”, in a “history of Chinese literature”. Almost every film, but see it is concluded that the solid academic background and not grandstanding new judgment. To the theory of small, in 30 years ago, when jin yong’s wuxia novels was seen as a of the difficult to appeal, pei-heng zhang is the first to write a paper, think first novel to do & other; Enjoying the fun & throughout; One of the few famous scholars. In the 1990 s, pei-heng zhang cooperation with LuoYuMing new the history of Chinese literature, with profound knowledge, a keen perspective, mainly on human arteries and veins, to comb the history of Chinese literature, acclaimed. That’s a book, enough to lay his life’s academic reputation.

research seriously, not to paper to digital made academic achievements & other High & throughout; , not vulgar superficial the multitude of this age, I’m afraid that is just the academic & other; Antique & throughout; The more important and more essential feature, is also Mr Pei-heng zhang’s study and life attitude, the most worthy of our to remember things.

unfortunately, such & other; There are antique & throughout; The economist intelligence unit, one was missing. This spirit, I hope that in the academic circle, there is more than a succession, there will be.

the People’s Daily (12 June 08, 2011 edition)