“Miss universe” rule change: transsexual people can participate in 2013

according to report of xinhua news agency, & other; The miss universe organization & throughout; 10, issued a statement, the rules change, since season 2013 pageant, allow transgendered people to sign up for all & other; Ring sister & throughout; Events.


statement said the ring sister organization, in consultation with relevant institutions & other; Discuss policy changes, including allow transgendered people to take part in the beginning in the fall season 2013 pageant activities, events around the world will also follow & throughout; .

ring sister run rules have been contains & other; Born all candidates must be female & throughout; The terms and conditions. Reuters quoted ring sister organisation, Paula & middot; Shu, reports, after the change rules of removing this clause, & other; But also on the study of the new rules written & throughout; .

& other; We are willing to believe that those who have the credibility, & throughout; Shu says, & other; We support all women equal long, we passed the very serious consideration to make the decision. Throughout the &;


2012 ring sister domestic competition is being held. Denied despite ring sister organization statement, it is not hard to see, all previous Canadian transgender jenna & middot; Tara, families and Eva for qualification of the fuse is lifted transgender contestants.

tara, families and Eva live city of vancouver, Canada is 23 years old, was born is male, 14 years old began using hormone therapy, 19, sex reassignment surgery.

she previously entered Canada division ring elder sister. Ring sister organization for transgender does not conform to the rules, deprived of her candidacy. Tara, families, Eva proponents of demonstrations in several countries, and about 28000 people in the Internet petition, asked for her candidacy. Tara, families, Eva has claimed & other; Gender discrimination & throughout; Lawsuit, specialize in women’s rights lawyer gloria & middot; Allred rights for themselves.

this month 3, ring sister organization change the previous decision, allowed to tara, families and Eva attend Canadian division ring sister event this year, at the same time set the prerequisites: she must be from Canada, and other international organizations legal recognition of gender.


the incident led to ring sister organization is one of the owners, the U.S. real estate tycoon Donald & middot; Trump with allred every empty rhetoric.

allred said at a news conference, tara, families, she just want to get a clear reply whether can participate, & other; Does not require Mr Trump to prove their birth is male, or asked him to present himself as a male birth certificate, or ask for he is a male throughout the physical characteristics of images as basis &; .

response to trump, not for previous cancel tara, she apologize to qualify, & other; Tara, Eva happy to compete the best, of course, if she miss the game because of a lack of confidence, not good. I don’t care about & throughout; .

9, he told the U.S. cable news network (CNN) : & other; We learn that allred involved in this matter has made two days ago (modify rules). If I have her, know in advance which may not make the decision, because she is too easy to be defeated. Throughout the &; The same day, he in & other; Twitter & throughout; Satire is allred & on the other; Third-rate lawyer & throughout; , & other; Actually hurt jenna (& middot; Tara, Eva) & throughout; .