Missing monet paintings to detonate dynasty

impressionists representative monet died 80 years later, because he is a painting by the German Nazi plunder landscapes “koehler river flood”, make France’s two most powerful and richest family disputes and it sounds like the plot in the movie, but in reality.

monet landscape looted by the nazis disappeared after

the French retail giant Paris galeries lafayette group chairman ji nate & middot; Haier boulogne & middot; Maureen today is 85 years old, as a member of the family, and haier Maureen is helping families between & other; Harmony & throughout; , recently, she will file a complaint against wilton’s family to court for litigation is a family of wilton Stan suspected of deliberately hiding information about monet painting landscapes. Compared with the giants haier family, and the defendants wilton’s family background have no inferior & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; The mention of their name in the art collectors and them is the symbol of the best collections, has gone through five generations, back and forth for more than 100 years, in the modern art collection, have many famous customers, including Morgan group founder.

according to the New York times reported that the landscape of a monet is that originally belong to haier family, and one day in 1941, the German secret police suddenly for this family is located in the southwestern France made a predatory search bank vault, which named “koehler river flood” painting has disappeared with the search. This is just robbed to as part of a family collection, and belong to Maureen father Marx & middot; Haier boulogne, then a few missing piece of art was gradually recovered, only the monet’s landscape has been missing. In fact, suffered from the war is not just the haier company, and during world war ii, many jewish family in France and Belgium have lost the art collection.

over the years, Maureen are constantly looking for the whereabouts of “koehler river flood”, she said: & other; This painting represents the history of our family, my grandson encouraged me to do so. Throughout the &; Maureen, 30 grandchildren said, when he heard the strange story, he thinks that the present is the most suitable to retake the timing of this famous painting belongs to his family.