Mo yan daughter, father’s love will pick wild vegetables to cook Accept the tuxedo has been prepared

data figure: mo yan. Throughout the &; Liao Pan taken

& other; Father is a bit like light in the refrigerator, you don’t know it at work all the time, waiting for you to open the door, just know it has always been lit, such is my father, silent love me. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Tube smile

in my eyes, father mo yan is a thinking, a man of few words, he is to use action to influence me grow up! Throughout the &; Yesterday afternoon, west China metropolis daily reporter an exclusive connection pipe, mo yan’s only daughter smiled, when asked about what is in her eyes father figure, tube smiled to say more than words.

in the telephone, tube smiled said: the beginning of December, and her mother will accompany father, mo yan to Sweden to receive the Nobel Prize for literature. At present, the father of tuxedo, prepared.

daughter disclosure: love never speak out

& other; In my eyes, my father, it is very kind, strong and gentle man! Although he is rhetorical expression, but love and care is already permeated in my daily life bit by bit. Throughout the &; Tube smiled his words are filled with the love of the father.

tube laughed, for example: & other; Once I and dad to go to a activities, when dad found a little hunchback, I will gently nudge me. This is a subtle movements, but you see in the eye, also can sleep out of my love. Throughout the &;

& other; How do you evaluate the father? Throughout the &; West China metropolis daily reporter asked. Tube smiled said: & other; He is a very rigorous work of the people, not to express feelings, love and care for her daughter’s penetration in the daily life of dribs and drabs, hidden in the heart. Usually at home, he is a thinking, silent and discipline. We, very sunshine. On October 11 this year, CCTV broadcast the award-winning news, dad didn’t ecstatic, that night, but he was no wine to drink, just had a mom’s dumplings. Throughout the &;

& other; I think I am to have such a good father, is very happy and very satisfied! Throughout the &; Smile to answer.


writer not guide me to write a novel

tube smile ever writing fiction “a ruminant dog”. In 2008, and published translation “gabriel’s gift”, Shanghai: Shanghai wenyi press. Talk about creation, tube smiled said: & other; I like to read books, and is indeed received the father who build literary atmosphere in the home. But by the end of my own writing novels, father never interference, more not to guide me how to write a novel. All let me to explore, to create, grow on your own. Throughout the &;

tube smiled said: & other; In Beijing, I’m home, father’s house, books is one of the most common. In reading books on this, I and my dad is & lsquo; Heart & rsquo; : whenever the bookstore saw may be useful to dad writing books, I would not hesitate to buy it; Touch oneself also love, will buy two at a time. Throughout the &; There have been several times, but all because between father and for each other and buy two of the same book at a time, meet a result got home, the same books bought four books.

amateur life: love will pick wild vegetables to cook

tube smile now is a college teacher, teach the language. As for life, tube smiled said: & other; I have to get married, have a daughter now. The family live happy life. Every weekend, I also want to find some more time with their parents at home. Sometimes I will arrange the whole family to go to the movies, 2010 will go to the “mei lanfang” and an “if you are the one”, sometimes I will be outside are churning to pick wild vegetables. Every picked vegetables come back, the father will interest is very high to do, I also in help boy, the dinner in the evening there will be some wild vegetables pancakes, potherb box, the whole family around the table to enjoy their own work achievement, feel happy. Throughout the &;

& other; I now have a good family, have a good job, have a good mentality and the correct values, is from my parents to create a harmonious family atmosphere. I thank my parents in the heart! Throughout the &;