Mo yan incarnation “predicting the fatigue life and death” wrote throw boundless hone dead pig

early in the morning the ship to huangpu river pig manchang evening came back.

the huangpu river of Shanghai dead pig floating event constantly questioned and tortured, by sina certification for the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher at the institute of foreign literature, British and American literature professor ChengNing sent a weibo & other; That’s right, most infected pigs died, xuan xingyuan pig crumble. The bodies of dead pig mountains to burning, had to bury. Also can’t dig deep pit, half a meter is out of the water. There people in veterinarians left, then night, with flat car, will be the dead pig, pull to the river bank, dumping to the rolling waters of the river. Dead pigs down the river, go. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Mo yan, fatigue life and death.

the microblogging forwarded by day quantity and comments, said Liu Chun thought fatigue, write not good, I didn’t think MoYanYou meaning. Mr. Lee said mo yan=”predicting! Netizens said autumn the best novelist, is often the best prophet. Delhi, he predicts that in many novels of the world trade center attack and collapsed. The net friend & other; Eyeful is sad & throughout; Says people throwing pigs must read the mo yan’s novels, according to their knowledge.

Behind the

fun, playful, still with people concerned about the dead pig events and thirst for truth.