Mo yan revealing for when workers “forged” lift head

according to “labor report” report, mo yan after the Nobel Prize for literature, revealing a year oneself & other; Fake degrees throughout the &; In the story.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Shattered the mo yan’s high school dream, but he is still under the lamp at night and not to work when read some light reading on rainy days. In 1973, he was into the county cotton factory when contractors, into the factory registration, lied about his qualifications, said he is grade one of junior middle school, village lad to debunk but was quickly, he reared its head. However, due to uncle as chief accountant in the factory, arrange mo yan pounds, when the company in heart, people don’t know he’s a young intellectuals.

in 1976, mo yan finally became a soldier, fill out a form when he got the nerve to fill their qualification became a junior middle school second grade. The troops, found that many & other; Throughout high school &; Comrade, can’t even write letters of his letters from home, so when fill volunteer league form, he put his own education to high school in grade one.

all the table, he is so filled, though nobody expose him, but when someone asked about, his heart beat continually disorderly jump, so anxious. Until he graduated from the PLA art institute of literature, got a college degree, to solve the problem.

is mo yan had done in that particular s necessity, after hearing a hilarious, more poignant. Readers to buy mo yan’s works, actually nobody is for his degree, so the story of mo yan, everyone also be jokes, and did not feel deceived.

asked: suppose no when professional writers after mo yan, has been working in that factory, factory one thousand citing fraud conclude a labor contract, remove the how determined his labor contract? Because the real labor, such dispute exists, how controversial.