Mo yan were home to dig dig the brick wall Qingming festival tourists more than one thousand people

bring continuous flow of mo yan’s former residence also caused a certain degree of damage.

bring every day, hundreds of tourists traveled from all over to visit the mo yan lives. Xinhua hair

the tomb-sweeping day small long vacation for three days, mo yan, more than one thousand people lives in the reception of visitors. Tourists in both pure visit to touch & other; Angry & throughout; There is no lack of, & other; Dig a wall and dig bricks & throughout; .

during the qingming festival, in the shandong gaomi ping an zhuang, visitors from all over the country have flocked to mo yan with former residence & other; Angry & throughout; . & other; Tomb-sweeping day vacation the first day of the people is more, have 7800 people visit. People less today, noon to more than 100 people, since mo yan awards, visitors are basic didn’t break. Throughout the &; 6 in the afternoon, mo yan second brother GuanMoXin said.

reporter noticed that from last year’s & other; Carrots & throughout; To the present & other; Dig a wall, dig bricks & throughout; , continuous stream of people lives on mo yan also caused a certain degree of damage. & other; This corner of the bricks were poached, plaster to dig out a piece of, they say it’s back, dropped the soil to the house be & lsquo; Angry & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Mo yan yisow jin-fang ge said.

school of philosophy and social development of shandong university professor Ma Guanghai calls for a visit, mo yan is a good thing, former residence was better than the worship of big money, but & other; Don’t split open a light mo yan house & throughout; . According to the xinhua news agency on April 6 (