Mo yan works become “heavy taste” was poking fun at “old spring night about a cannon gun”

& other; Heavy taste & throughout;

& other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout;

& other; Heavy taste & throughout; And & other Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Widely used in all kinds of classification. According to the writer’s style and content in the book, the book can be classified to also seem to be. So, what is & other; Heavy taste & throughout; And & other Small and pure and fresh & throughout; ? & other; Heavy taste & throughout; The pursuit of violent, strange, heavy and complicated, restlessness, thinking of the real world strip camouflage; & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; The pursuit of elegant, natural, simple, quiet, want to narcissism in the spiritual world. Of course, also can both & other; Heavy taste & throughout; Again & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; , this call & other; Small pure and fresh and mixing heavy taste & throughout; . Here, let’s see, what the fire of 2012 & other; Heavy taste & throughout; And & other Small and pure and fresh & throughout; In the book.

“white deer” into heavy taste new endorsements

said “white deer” heavy taste, did some injustice Chen zhongshi teacher. Main show is an epic novel original family history, at least very erotic, very violent scenes by text narrative is not so rough directly. But after adaptation directed by “, “white deer” is still a family history of movies, but it became completely & other; Heavy taste & throughout; Another name for the latest. A lot of people because of hot picture to see the original fiction “white deer”, so, this year on bookseller best-seller list “white deer” ranks the second. This book published from 1993 to now, there is no heat to the point of well-known.

“a buxom” by netizens poking fun at

the Internet some mo yan said, & other; If jin yong’s novels can use & lsquo; Fly snow even white hart, smile spend their honeymoons.//book god man lean on blue & rsquo; To sum up, the mo yan’s “old gun & middot; treasure knife”, “spring night rain started falling,” dating master “, “41 gun”, “mangrove”, “wild mule”, “reunion” with anyone, a buxom, with flowers of woman, can use & lsquo; Old spring night about a cannon gun, forest field entered her female & rsquo; To sum up. Throughout the &; This period of & other; The destroyed through & throughout; Comments make mo yan instantly & other Heavy taste & throughout; The writer.

after the young’s female strip camouflage very cruel

& other; In the women, marriage and sexual crimes is almost the first, at the same time, enough to make people forget all dangerous and all my troubles. Throughout the &; Chapter among affection crime novel series is in the heavy taste, the published last year, “liu”, tells a killed her husband, dismembered, ZhuangTan, in jail, the sin of the story, after introduced the series this year second young’s female, still heavy taste, content about adultery crime passionnel, bloodied love entanglement. Chapter among its own special experience, made her novel full of sense of reality and the impact of the strong, so, not so much her work & other; Heavy taste & throughout; The real world is more strip after camouflage is very cruel.

the occasional vacancy no prize for the worst of sex

J· K· Rowling this year’s adult novel sporadic vacancy by many readers & other; Fun & throughout; , the book was named sohu culture one of the most regret book, reason is & other; Rowling practically levitates off the creative transformation of the “children’s literature written letter, can only say that her empty ambitious the transformation works, no skill & throughout; . In addition, this year the most accidental opening, also with & other; Prize for the worst sex description & throughout; , because the organizers said rowling’s nominated for a large number of accidental opening, however, the work in the sex description, obviously also not bad to the extreme, that it & other; Not enough qualified for the list. Throughout the &; Rowling, it seems, the transformation of the is not very successful, readers seem to cannot appreciate rowling’s & other; Adult heavy taste & throughout; , at least, and harry & middot; potter “series, this book has been indifferent.

“cloud governance” labeled for healing small and pure and fresh

from the first book “with Anthony in a long time, Anthony’s book is labeled the & other; Cure is a small and pure and fresh & throughout; The label. Slightly sad words match on the cover of the warm color department, Mr Lovely rabbit has also been involved in the series of books, it instantly chuo & the other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; What the heart, & other When thinking of you, the wind suddenly stopped & throughout; , & other The sunlight is very good, to make you feel warm life time is too long & throughout; And so on, has become one of the Anthony classic sayings. Recently, he and other Rainbow of ling & throughout; Special collector “red & ndash; & ndash; with Anthony in long years has arrived. Was one of guo fan Anthony, as an opportunity to become a writer big popular star, in the recently released the 7th writer rich list, the list, published this year, the “cloud governance” is still in the annual bestsellers, so really inspirational ah, those immersed in & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Narcissistic children, in the world is not as good as write something real, contribute for the society not to come?

“the biography of Lin huiyin text seasoning pure and fresh and free from vulgarity

Lin huiyin this legendary woman has been the talk of later generations, is a mixed assessment about her, there are a lot of people have written her biography, but did not have a like a white plum this so fire, have firmly joyo annual best-seller list. Some people say that her words have a different feelings, so she’s Lin huiyin has become quite different. The editors recommend the book reason wrote & other; This is a beautiful, poetic, refined Lin huiyin biography, white falls mei with the technique of the clear text, poetic, full of abundant materials, vivid show a generation of talented woman affectionate touching legend life. Throughout the &; Looks like the book by netizens on & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Books and have a good reason for big popular, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity of text seasoning and pure and fresh and free from vulgarity beauty one, it’s hard not small and pure and fresh.

“those years” have a frivolous youth

to say Taiwan’s most popular movie this year, must belong to “those years”. This book published in 2007, because the film also fire, giddens name thoroughly popular in Taiwan. Who had a frivolous youth, “those years” to fire, it is in our similar memories of youth, each class has a Mr. Ko and a Shen Jiayi, different story but have similar feelings. Pure and fresh and beautiful movie, novel is no ACTS have & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; The title. The intern Ren Hong

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