Mo yan Yang “god” and in 2013 Beijing college entrance examination thesis topic (FIG.)

a thesis topic, each year the university entrance exam language can always cause a universal attention. Yesterday, a & other; Yang mo yan & lsquo; Sign in & rsquo; The college entrance examination Chinese title & throughout; News, cause everyone’s buzz on the Internet. Beijing in 2013 the college entrance examination Chinese composition examination questions, about & other; What do you think if Edison came to the 21st century, the mobile phone & throughout; Material information, and in May this year, Yang zhenning and mo yan in comprehensive a guest on CCTV channel “speak!” when a conversation records. It also makes many call Yang mo yan two artificial & other; “Predicting! Throughout the &; & other; God forecast! Throughout the &;

due to dialogue with mo yan and Yang & other Crash & throughout; , the college entrance examination Chinese topic, also set off the interest of many, has become yesterday & other; Most popular & throughout; The college entrance examination Chinese essay question. Some netizens said: & other; The Nobel Prize is not cover! Master, really great! Throughout the &; Still others directly, & other; Edison could not come back again, want to what! Throughout the &; Others directly on weibo spontaneous write up no more than 140 words & other; Throughout college entrance examination & micro composition; .

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The college entrance examination thesis topic


scientists: a week, if Edison to life in the 21st century the most let he felt what is novel?

astronomers: I think mobile phones will not let him feel incredible?

scientists: I agree, a mobile phone is a marker of the information age, it is a palm computer, the function of the rich will make the great inventors feel novelty.

astronomers: the widespread use of mobile phone profoundly affects people’s communication style, thought consciousness, emotion and ideas or Edison this is unexpected.

scientists and astronomers about mobile phones different views lead to what kind of imagination and thinking about you?

dialogue Yang mo yan

Yang: & other; I often wonder a question, if today we suddenly put Edison, please come back, let his life in the world of the 21st century a week, and then ask him, now have something, what do you think is the most novel? Throughout the &;

mo yan: & other; I answer a first, we use a mobile phone, will let him feel incredible? Throughout the &;

Yang: & other; Yes, I agree, the phone is just too hard to imagine. Throughout the &;

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Yang and mo yan.