Model became canvas artist painting had a hip 56000 (FIG.)

the temptation of gunfire

behind the kiss

Monroe’s smile

a canvas works for the human body is too many, but the British London artist Adam messinger & other; Pop art fart fart & throughout; They particularly naughty.

she love some pop art, pop art masterpieces, such as Roy & middot; In strange Stan and comic heyday in the 1940 s masterpiece, the works of female models back and hip, then draw the background, the last to stand in front of the background to make her photographs. Adam messinger also follow the pu pu master Andy & middot; Warhol’s technique, using the computer software will be a photo with Photoshop mix different color, become a series. Adam messinger, ‘said the man who bought her work from Europe and the United States, even Jordan; Woman asked to do more & other; Fart fart model & throughout; Adam messinger, please create unique works for them, charges 6000 pounds (about 56000 yuan).

king frontal