Model of high-profile bask in rich “andie” lead outrage netizens mocked too brain damage (FIG.)

Yang Zilu in weibo claim & other; The great white legs & throughout;

a few days ago, female models Yang Zilu on weibo many high-profile sun andie, great attention on the Internet. Yang Zilu post said, her andie chartered to spend 8.88 million yuan to take direct flight to London to see Olympic Games, she just send bag as a net friend two month, public outrage. But could not be 7) budged Yang Zilu himself, she refused to admit himself in the hype, insists that he has a rich andie, and constantly express contempt for ordinary Internet users.

call andie & other; Macro son & throughout;

denied to

the reporter understands, Yang Zilu is a model that is 21 years old, had many fashion magazine pictures, and on the part of the show. On the evening of May 15, Yang Zilu mentioned for the first time in weibo & other; Andie & throughout; And said is andie birthday the day after tomorrow. Before long, she said she received andie SMS, said the next day to pick her up to the airport.

the real orgasm is on May 17 afternoon, Yang Zilu wrote in weibo: & other; Love macro son! Want to take me to see the Olympic in London, this small plane in good shape. Throughout the &;

integrated multiple weibo content, Yang Zilu said her andie & other; Macro son & throughout; A public passenger plane spend 8.88 million yuan package, want to fly with her to see the Olympic in London.

for Yang Zilu weibo authenticity, some netizens said. To this, Yang Zilu seemed untroubled. & other; In this world, there are a few people can delimit gently a card, delimit 8.88 million? Love and money that’s ok, if I love the people and is very rich, I of course happy. Scold me is envy envy hate? Throughout the &;

from beginning to end, are they Yang Zilu did not say who is identity, but her words had revealed andie named & other Leehom & throughout; Birthday, and coincided with singer wang lee hom is the same. Although she later denied that, who is a singer leehom wang, saying that wang’s economic strength and their own than who is not at all, but it still caused strong reaction, wang fans accused Yang Zilu borrow wang hype.

company confirm

London charter not booked

face the accused, Yang Zilu still very proud. She said, as long as she wanted to, & other; Andie & throughout; A phone can make the netizens are found out, and catch up, even to seal off the network. Yang Zilu, however, the sun, who in fact is the process of the suspects.

first, Yang Zilu the timing of the sun, who is pregnant. Some time ago, henan a treasure show & other; Andie door & throughout; . For the first time it is in the comment on the news, Yang Zilu referred to themselves as being andie.

second, departure figure from writing Yang Zilu manifestations are very different from the past. Ago, her blog is mostly faces, but nearly two days, she was repeating the more photos of the legs, and call themselves & other; The great white legs & throughout; . Pictures in her hand, who gave her birthday cake is only worth 200 yuan.

the reporter discovers verification, the current domestic there are 8.88 million yuan tourism project charter flights to fly to London. Reporter to contact the travel company, a staff told reporters that the service provided by only a dozen executive. According to her knowledge, the plane hasn’t booked.

reporter then contacted Yang Zilu brokerage firms, but by the time so far, no response received Yang Zilu himself.

netizens mocked & ndash; & ndash;

dry daughter, you are too brain-dead

@ pseudo PMpeter: someone show andie, actually there is a group of people together to follow the input, whether you play with her, or she played you?

@ the long search xi: to rely on such as & other; Andie & throughout; , & other Nude photos & throughout; Manufacturing topics such as hype the famous superior person, why should we pay attention to her? People literally clockwork weibo, forwarding, comments below bristle, just spread the topic, produce corresponding scale effect; Sometimes scold she might as well not to scold her!

@ Maoye: Yang Zilu is clearly in the hype, her words and deeds is beyond the normal intelligence. Words now Internet marketer also fell, and with & other Andie & throughout; The old topic to hype. How close I sat watching events, will explain that the number is stolen?

@ Li Yilei: looks like a recent call & other; Andie & throughout; People are red, a lot of man-made beauty had contact with him. Consult & other; Andie & throughout; Who is this? The girls back to can do? The watch is too quiet.

@ jun Portuguese pear: I’m going to open a dry daughter, professional morality and intelligence training class. A brain-dead dry daughters training into high quality dry daughter. Can sign up now, leave a message, forwarding, reviews, direct messages. Such as who is waiting for? Unlock weibo send information to help dry daughter to sign up!

(according to the guangzhou daily reported)