Modern Europe the most desolate: emperor Joseph rule relatives are died in 68

on December 3, 1848, 18 Franz & middot; Joseph I, he began to reign in Vienna, become one of the youngest monarch the austro-hungarian empire. With talent and outstanding talents, young Joseph quickly put down some aristocratic rebellion, maintenance of the imperial territory, preliminary established his authority.

in 6 years after he began to reign, and he married his cousin Joseph & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; 16, the duchess of Bavaria, Elizabeth, is widely known as the sissi.

Elizabeth’s beauty and unique gentle temperament, let Joseph, that half a day to see her, Joseph felt uneasy, no mood to deal with affairs of state. But don’t like Elizabeth luang Sophie, she brought Elizabeth servants were sent went away, backs her.

although on governing, Joseph is very talented, but in the face of his wife and the queen mother, he was bewildered. In desperation, Elizabeth had to choose were away on holiday, in order to avoid the happening of the depression.

Elizabeth left, Joseph in the endless yearning to his wife, so much so that no matter how busy working every day, he is a firm to take time to write letters to his wife. The fetters of fleeing ouchi palace and her mother-in-law, Elizabeth was addicted to travel, nearly 10 months of the year are out there.

in order to transfer to his wife missing, Joseph had to work hard, he rethink the Vienna, to expand the area of the city several times, and built the ring road, he also many excellent designers, from Denmark, Germany built to Vienna forge a fantastic piece of architecture. People’s opera house, Vienna state opera house, the art museum is established at this time. In addition, Joseph built the first railway in the Alps, to the road between Italy and Vienna, he encouraged people flow between different cities, to carry out economic cooperation.

Joseph or Europe’s new culture movement pioneer, Vienna, he will create an inclusive art heaven, attract such as kafka, Freud, little John & middot; Strauss, Augusta wood & middot; Master khalim and so on literature and art, creation and development of the famous music is “the blue Danube strauss created under Joseph designed requirement.

however, all these efforts and achievements did not bring good luck for Joseph. On January 29, 1889, the European newspapers have reported on the front page of the same news & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Rudolph committed suicide, the son of Joseph, was only 30 years old. Just the day before, Joseph was appointed rudolph crown prince, unexpectedly, rudolph hide to Vienna at night a a small wooden hut in the forest, and then his 17-year-old lover is here, in the evening, rudolph first shot and killed a lover, then pulling the trigger, and ended his own life. Family scandal gave Joseph great blow.

more let Joseph sad and sad, Rudolf before death to Elizabeth, have close friends and mother wrote a long letter, but not to leave any word as his father, he doesn’t understand why his son to go to so refuse.

the only after the death of the son of Joseph had to be the crown prince in ourselves in this world the only relatives, nephew & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Franz & middot; Ferdinand.

but unfortunately far end, after losing rudolph 9 years, Joseph again displaced forever love & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; On September 9, 1898, his wife Elizabeth was an anarchist in Italy with a dagger the heart, and die.

learned that the news of the death of his wife, has a 68 – year – old Joseph career, he wrote in his diary: & other; Everyone is gone, only I’m alive, like a family can’t find the wandering soul. Throughout the &;

fortunately, my nephew Ferdinand and his wife is very concerned about to Joseph, and they like to treat his biological father, everywhere to Joseph great affection concern and support on the governance, finally let Joseph bit by bit from the loss of children and his wife’s grief came out.

but, god seems to have forced Joseph into disrepute. On June 28, 1914, Ferdinand couple ride to sarajevo, the result just got off the bus is met by a hail of attack, the couple were both killed.

after learned this news, can’t stand against Joseph, against the previous agreement, decided to give battle to Serbia, in the first world war.

but just two years after the outbreak of war, Joseph would stop suddenly ask for war, he wrote in his diary: & other; Destructive war is far more than my imagination, don’t play, stop, don’t ruin the beautiful world and its people. Throughout the &; Unfortunately, the war failed to stop as his wish.

in 1916, Joseph pneumonia attack, die springs palace in the United States, the battle is not over. His words are said to waiter: & other; Could you wake me up at three o ‘clock tomorrow morning? I have a lot of work to do, to the end of the war. Throughout the &;

Joseph died at age 86, rule the country for 68 years, lasted more than the emperor of China.