“Mom hit me again” wave “is hot” is refers to the bad taste

recently, a group called & other; Mother beat me again & throughout; The four-panel comic star network.

original works and eighties of the 20th century is the style of comic books. The first case, the mother smiled at the daughter said, are studying & other; Learning a day, mother took you go to the park! Throughout the &; The second case, the daughter mother replied with a smile: & other; No, mom, I love learning. Throughout the &; Third, the story blustery: mom suddenly to & other; They go their ears & throughout; Out of the left hand, her daughter a slap in the face. Fourth, the daughter of speechless, hand upon the right face, a face of injustice and sorrow.

soon, on the basis of this, Internet users in the processing and creation, horoscope, fog version, star edition, advertising lists, open a wave & other; Is hot & throughout; .

accidents up

this set of cartoons on December 2, by netizens & other; Meow laptop throughout the &; Starting on sina weibo, and mentioned his classmate Huang Bojie is the author of the cartoon.

next, the netizen of surprise.

& other; Mother beat me again & throughout; Become a hot search keywords weibo for a few days. More netizens on this basis to create all kinds of new version, the little girl was playing reasons are diverse, even baidu, Scott maps and other official weibo joined & other; Dozen face figure & throughout; In the team.

even, comics are upgrading, make a video, with music; There are & other; Mother beat me again & throughout; The generator, as long as the input text, click the generate images can get to belong to own & other; Mother beat me again & throughout; Works. Beijing company also to & other; Mother beat me again & throughout; The name registered weibo, specialized forwarding netizens works related to this topic. At present, the microblog fans has more than 30000 people.

on December 4, sina weibo user & other; Huang Bojie bK” Released the original works. As he didn’t think his painting is & other; P so & throughout; , the academy of fine arts students in December 5, ‘explained: & other; This painting was when painting graduation creation, is to look at the primary school textbook illustrations and posters, combining my own want to plot out, is in the watercolor painting on the paper, the word is my handwriting, not out of the book, the Internet change the figure is not my idea, my mother beat me again is not my name. Draw the meaning of nothing, what do you understand what is. Throughout the &;

in some Internet users called & other; God made & throughout; , & other; The slap, don’t know how many people the fan out of pleasure & throughout; At the same time, also have the netizen said & other; A little is no laughing matter. Throughout the &;

Internet & other; Since the kinds of natural & throughout; Say, that & other; Just a set of illogical, puzzling and wulitou, small micro violent cartoons. On the Internet, has became a happy feeling the most? Network transmission is unstoppable. Spread? Popular? Confusion & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

red behind the self reading

the communication university of China scientific bureau director, director of professional committee Duan Peng professor, said in an interview with China youth daily reporter and & the other; Jia junpeng events & throughout; , can be defined as again & other; The media events & throughout; .

in 2009, baidu post bar in the title for & other; Jia junpeng your mother calls you go home for dinner & throughout; Post burn red network, and its content is only & other; RT” Two letters (such as questions). The origin of this sentence is not clear, but & other; Home for dinner & throughout; The escalating, from network into real life.

Duan Peng think: & other; Media into the era of a niche, especially microblogging and WeChat, became a typical representative. This is quite different from mass media, everyone choose their own way to interpret the content of the media. Throughout the &;

a communication graduate students of institutions of higher learning in Beijing, wang likes the images mainly took a fancy to it with a strong adaptation. & other; This comic language patterns can be copied sex is extremely strong, and China in the past & lsquo; SanGouBan & rsquo; There are many similarities, can form many scenes of life. Writing again need technology is very simple, beginners will do. Throughout the &;

& other; At present many social pressure is very big, people prefer to relax yourself happy. The figure of this series, consumption time is short, humorous effect is obvious, natural sought. Throughout the &; Wang said.

in fact, the casual paintings are a popular travel path.

in this case, sina weibo separately in the input field corner text chain and top ranking second provision capacity promotion, in such a strong channel, under the help of was formed in the first round of the content of the initial diffusion. Next, part of the red man account’s second round of transmission, as well as the reds fans began spontaneously produce content of the third round, has formed a whole chain of transmission.

& other; Media events are triggered or through the media after the media planning, is a lot of audience attention and Internet users, Internet users, like social party, with his own perspective to interpret the events. Throughout the &; Duan Pengshui.

Monitor should

no matter how this group of comic adaptation, mom a slap in the face, the little girl out red cheeks, grievance expression is constant, with netizens questioned for the violence.

Internet & other; HuoYan & throughout; He said, & other; Although the carnival is a net friend, but I can’t deny that this is a domestic violence? We face a family violence hate, side spread throughout the formalized violence &; .

in fact, this set of cartoons and chongqing 10-year-old girl and baby events linked to the Internet users not in the minority and think cartoons full of & other; Bad taste & throughout; , to promote domestic violence, should resist.

this, Beijing normal university, Beijing normal university, director of the center for Asia Pacific Internet law professor Mr Liu, said in an interview with China youth daily reporter, such events without supervision.

& other; The public have the freedom of expression, even if there is a children’s content, and should not be completely from the perspective of violence to understand. Public expression of content as long as not illegal, not tort, don’t blindly regulation. Throughout the &; Mr Liu said.

he thinks, at present our country for Internet content regulation of main & other; After the regulation & throughout; ,, that is, the occurrence of illegal or infringing content on the web or a large number of spreading, delete or other measures afterwards.

but Duan Peng thinks, from the perspective of cultural and moral to guide is very necessary. Violence in the United States, the parents of the child behavior is illegal, serious to cancel the custody of the parents. In China, some conventional wisdom suggests that spanking is normal. Duan Peng Suggestions, in order to ensure children’s physical and mental health development, the need to establish media grading system, & other; Is not only a movie, cartoon is the same throughout the &; . Trainee reporter li li Su Mengdi