“Mona Lisa” young version was identified as authentic Able to 40 years

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paintings “al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa” (left) is regarded as a younger version of the Mona Lisa.

according to the British “daily mail” website reported Sunday, more than 300 years the Mona Lisa has been collecting paintings in the Louvre in Paris, France is seen as a master of art of & middot; Vinci’s unique painting. But recent research suggests that’s last public appearance painting “al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa” also from da & middot; Finch, and its creation time is earlier than the Mona Lisa.

the changed hands several times

the al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa painting in fresh complexion is ruddy, non-stick years trace, has a very similar with the Mona Lisa’s looks, clothing, gestures and mysterious smile, only younger. In contrast, the Mona Lisa & other; In this respect throughout the &; Is slightly dull, “al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa” so called young version of the Mona Lisa.

in 1913, lived in London the collector of al, Hugh & middot; To buy the black painting, painting, hence the name “al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa”. 1936 annual leave after the death of painting by his sister Jane & middot; Black inheritance. Jane’s death in 1947, American collector Henry & middot; The Pulitzer for painting, and to his girlfriend.

the changed hands several times, and now the owner of the painting is a consortium of Switzerland, it in a bank vault for 40 years to & other; See the light of day & throughout; And last year in Geneva. Located in Zurich, Switzerland, the Mona Lisa foundation vice President David & middot; Feldman said, after the painting in public, he reached Italy geometrician Alfonso & middot; Rubino. Rubino combination of & middot; Another Vinci painting “the vitruvian man” geometry made after extensive research, found that “al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa” geometrical composition and da & middot; Vinci used humanoid ratio match, is absolutely up to & middot; Vinci’s original.



da & middot; Finch geometry principle of many of the body and the ancient buildings in his paintings, experts think he wrote on the “Mona Lisa” used when skill is used in the journal of al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa. Therefore, in the “al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa” see the day in the future, in order to prove that the young version of paintings is the Mona Lisa, rubino and identification were invited by geometry method.

the industry pointed out that many people are there will be a young version of the “Mona Lisa”, because of & middot; Finch leave Italy in 1506, the rich merchant hole entrusted to more & middot; Vinci for his wife lisa & middot; Jia Kong many portraits is not yet complete. Da & middot; Vinci paintings was still have assigned the Jia Kong, Jia Kong also have to accept a more outstanding works. Is likely to be of the Mona Lisa and the Louvre & middot; Vinci in France in 1516.

expert, also has used carbon dating on the al voss & middot; the Mona Lisa was determined, the results show this picture painted in the 15th century. It also dismissed the industry some people may think this painting is a reproduction of “Mona Lisa”, creation in the second half of the 16th century. The southern metropolis news lotus