Monk for painting “the scream” buyers appeared worth $3.4 billion

2 months ago, the Norwegian artist Edward & middot; Munk worked the classic “scream” sotheby’s in New York for $119.9 million to clinch a deal, and art public auction record. A few days ago, the Wall Street journal revealed “scream” new main & ndash; & ndash; New York capitalists Lyon & middot; Black.

it is reported that a black art collection predators, worth $3.4 billion, has a great collection of classical and impressionist works, is the New York metropolitan museum of art and the museum of modern art of the board of directors, and contributive to help complete the pablo Picasso’s biography. And he took the “scream”, it is only in 4 version is not the only a collection museum in Oslo, is also the best quality. On a frame, a monk written poem, he describes his: & other; In the quivering anxiety throughout the &; , & other; Real sense the great scream & throughout; .