Mooncake tax to the working class as the dung of the republic of China to donate? Is a tax or evil

zhang Ming, a professor at renmin university of China

cartoon: xi ‘an a duty personnel said dirty words and other Ye & throughout; (Zhu Huiqing/CFP).

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years of the republic of China, sichuan chengdu during the warlord yeung sum, and caprice, for farmers to pick dung, collecting dung to donate. Chengdu poet Liu Shiliang a doggerel: & other; Not smell of dung has tax since ancient times, now only a fart no donor. Throughout the &;

today, we have the honor to know, the Beijing local taxation bureau announced that the Mid-Autumn festival as a welfare to employees of moon cakes, also want to be in the employee’s personal income to levy personal income tax.

employee benefits also calculate personal income, to levy a tax, which in theory seems to be right. But this theory correctly, it seems that only suitable for Europe and the United States and other developed countries, is not in China. All the income to pay personal income tax, but China can make it? Originally as regulating personal income of the individual income tax, in China, it is basically a salaryman special taxes. Many people who is extremely expensive, don’t pay income tax for their revenue. Some bosses, property, personal income is zero, some local officials, grey income can be tens of millions of yuan a year, but a salary, some still amounted to less than the threshold of $3500. Officials say welfare, three consumption, in fact, a large proportion of the, is also the welfare of the officials. Even the so-called inspection abroad, is on a per head & other; Apportionment & throughout; , you have me have, people have. But who heard about such a big amount of welfare has been levied a tax?

to be honest, nowadays the real wealth, the do not eat moon cakes, send them mooncakes has no unit, so if someone give gifts to their moon cake, no matter how advanced the moon cake is, they will surely too poor. Really get the moon cake, is each unit staff members, who is the main taxpayers tax. Had become the main tax, the feeling is very undeserved, now observe a festival, moon cakes, also pay taxes, is said to be the proportion of 20%. If really for, five pieces of moon cakes to pay out a cake of, is also not bone, but the imbalance in the heart, but no matter how to also put aside. It is obvious that such a mooncake tax, as well as for the working class.

originally, the collection of individual income tax, in order to adjust individual income inequality, let people with high income, more taxes, cut cut rich, poor, how to reduce the psychological imbalance of the poor. But, in our here, tax collection, on the contrary, the poorest people although the impact is not big, but in the middle and lower the working class, income became the subject of tax. Also from time to time to some mooncake tax stimulus, let them psychology is more and more unbalanced.

a tax levy, no matter in any country, one of the key principles, is fair. If welfare to tax, then all the welfare have to sign, not bully the weak, the working class under the knife. Otherwise, such a tax, became a kind of evil.

@ onlookers:

@ Sun Feng force – SUN – : it was suggested that the company send the moon cake in moon cakes when a name, for example: & other; The moon was baked bun & throughout; , & other The moon cake & throughout; The people of the north proposal called & other; Throughout the moon & fire; , southerners say should call & other; The moon was born Fried & throughout; , the italians say directly call & other; The moon’s pizza & throughout; Ok & hellip; & hellip; & other; Fire, pizza and Fried said big pears & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;