Morgan freeman again & quot; Death & quot; Lightly forward led to rumors fermentation

United States veteran actress Morgan & middot; Freeman again recently triggered heated debate by death

who is for the network rumors by

& other; The old black star Morgan & middot; Freeman died, the cause of death is heart disease. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Since yesterday morning, the news on weibo rapid fermentation, followed by many shock, forwarding and condolences. However, 14 hours is less than official sina weibo rumours account officially announced: after verification, the starred in “for driving miss Daisy”, “the shawshank redemption”, “the seven deadly SINS” films such as the famous film star is still alive.

it is worth mentioning that Morgan & middot; Freeman, death is not the first celebrity, recently Nicholas & middot; Cage also had been & other; Unfortunately & throughout; . Review a long list of celebrity list by death, people can not help but ask: who is in for another rumor by Internet?

rumors from prank website

reporter saw, in the widely forwarded microblog as hell wrote: the local time on February 19th at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, the famous actor Morgan & middot; Freeman, died from heart disease in Los Angeles. Bloggers also called for the net friend lit candles, & other; Salute to great art & throughout; . Some netizens report soon, however, said to track the message from a place called & other; Necropedia” Website, this is the website of the report expected obituary, almost every article indicate the inside & other; The following the real news & throughout; . After official rumours that sina weibo account said no release official news media both at home and abroad, has confirmed it as a rumor.

prior to this, another celebrity is ma by death. Snake year on the second day, the CEO of tencent had died because of drinking too much during the Spring Festival, ma himself in the evening to dampen the rumours on twitter.

this year on January 18, Nicholas & middot; Cage the news of the death was widely circulated on the Internet and soon be falsified, Mr And some statistics out of the cage has been dead for more than 4 times.

lightly forward led to rumors fermentation

celebrity by death, is seen by many as a planned commercial hype. As Morgan & middot; After the death of freeman proved to be rumor, some netizens noticed another message: he will be apple’s Siri dubbing voice software. Similarly, Nicholas & middot; Cage has a death less than a month from the movie theaters.

however, rumors why can often work? The first is the authenticated & other; Big V” The & ndash; & ndash; Reporter noticed that many have been death rumors are only after their release or forwarding weibo has rapidly become a hot spot, and attract more users to forward; At the Morgan & middot; Freeman, is processed by the official rumours that sina weibo account, is also a real-name authentication weibo account. At the same time, ordinary friends is also to blame & ndash; & ndash; After rumours, many people in the comments, frankly, yourself before forwarding this message, did not think of to go online to search and confirm it.

calls for weibo self-discipline imminent

rumor behind, every one is a driver. Culture is a famous scholar, Beijing university professor zhang yiwu said in an interview with reporters analysis, many & other; Big V” Keen to publish unsubstantiated news, it is a fear because information leakage and marginalized anxiety; For the follow up of ordinary Internet users, with forward also however is just a little mouse, won’t produce substantial harm.

but released on weibo rumors really harmless? Maybe someone still remember the year before mass riots in the UK, widely spreading rumors on weibo later confirmed to the unrest played their part. Then on the official website of the British newspaper the guardian published an article on the reflection, called on people to responsible for their own network behavior, and put forward some weibo code: unless have confirmed, otherwise don’t release; If one weibo messages in doubt, don’t forward, rather than directly to the blogger and verification; Once you discover one of the microblogging is a rumor, positive and correct.

zhang yiwu agree with these rules. He said, though for a tweet chaos belongs to the extreme case, but frequent and wide spread of rumors will seriously damage the credibility of network, it is indisputable fact that, so construction of network ethics, calling for weibo self-discipline is imminent. Unfortunately, in our country, there was a lack of at least on this request.

this veteran journalist Shao Ling