Morphy memories printing inductrial injury experience: hand-rolled into the cylinder Almost crippled


Beijing, dec 29 (Reuters) if you are the one” host morphy first personal autobiography “happy-go-lucky” launched. Morphy in the book, recalled her own experience in the printing shop inductrial injury. When his hand caught in drum, almost crippled. Treatment of nails were pulled out, & other; Pain is enough to remember throughout a lifetime &; . For illness during & other; The only harvest & throughout; Is learned to play mahjong.

the following is a content excerpts from the book.

morphy: in printing plant accident almost crippled

in the days of YinChang though bitter, but the life is quiet. When I fall in love, the life also is look forward, but a inductrial injury changed my fate.

on the morning of June 5, 1992 for two consecutive night after night, newspapers have been printed well, the last scrubbing process is the printer before coming off work. When I brush roller is dip in with cotton the gas, may be too tired, one not careful, grasp the cotton yarn left hand and press buttons at right hand not cooperate well, the machine turned quickly, before I left out is cotton yarn into between two rollers.

I let out a cry, next to a few colleagues found that something had happened immediately also tired, immediately gathered round. See my hand in the machine, a bit of the printer knows what has happened & ndash; This is the most easy happening inductrial injury, printing a lot of big printing factory worker has a finger cut off by the machine. The factory director and workshop director is shout coming soon.

our factory printing machine is northerners produced a rotary press, press the two can only hold between two sheets of paper thickness steel roller into the man’s finger, you can imagine the feeling. After a simple survey, by all accounts, want to put my hand out from the drum to must turn back roller. It happened after the machine from the introduction to our factory, will never back. If you want to reverse, must release the nose. I’m still not sure how complicated this matter, anyway, in the factory that moment no one has done it before.

then, my hand was caught in the machine, a group of technical backbone in the nose there opened technical seminar. Issues of the meeting is & ndash; Release the nose, how put Mr Meng hand out. I think you speak is quite enthusiastically, some in your mouth, more have no chance to fit the workers in the side of the constantly to comfort me, ask some & other; Painful not painful & throughout; Such as foolishly. Technology seminar seems not long, but for me, every second is long. To be honest, my hand got caught in the machine that I have not feel pain, just a few minutes only knew something had happened, and not a trivial matter. Seminar soon end, the most experienced a leader at great pressure to finally release the nose & ndash; Pressure because if improper operation, my hand will continue to drag by a machine, the whole hand is disabled. Luckily, clamp the two roller finally back up of my hands, my hands smoothly pulled out from the inside of the steel cylinder, the all this just a sigh of relief.

pulled out my left hand was wrapped in cotton yarn, at that time my mind blank, also uncovered cotton yarn to see curiously. I see your fingers have deformation, the left hand middle finger and ring finger nails has opened, were raw, didn’t bleed, Bai Sensen, looked at as if it’s no big deal.

the edge with colleagues immediately hold me down from the machine, brisk walking outside the shop. I drifted off, at the foot of the soft ground, carrying the injured his left hand just to go out a few steps, chewed by finger tip blood poof gush out, just like in the TV series “tian long ba bu” broken jade that six pulse excalibur similar effects. Looking at blood gush out a few meters away, just hang on the machines did not feel pain, like depressed for a long time suddenly found a breakthrough, retaliatory strikes. That kind of pain can not use language to describe, I watched the blood from the finger tip were raw spiraling outward spray. Day with me & ndash; Our factory only a truck just out paper, because the driver xiao li forgot to take my driver’s license, get back to the factory, just met me out of inductrial injury. The director immediately made an important decision: newspapers don’t send first, first send the wounded!

I was lying in the back seat of the truck, colleagues holding my arm and blood down the arms flowing downwards. They tied with gauze tightly my wrist to stop the bleeding. After listening to the driver xiao li said he was under the double jump lamp, go all the way to run through the red light to the nearest hospital. Soon I was taken to a hospital, south of the town, all the way that the pain let I almost fainted. Colleagues went to the doctor, I was placed in the intensive care of the earth & ndash; Is sitting stool. A young man in oil-covered fatigues, holding a bloody hand lying on the ground in a hospital corridor, recalled the scene is a bit sad now.

into the emergency room, after doctors began to debridement, the most terrible moment arrived. The so-called debridement, is clean up the wound, let the doctor see clear degree of injury. At that time my two fingers fingertip is fully opened, wound bloody. Doctor to do the first thing is to use tongs to turn nails, put my two nails belt meat, pulled out. I was nearly fainted directly, since I don’t understand, why don’t you give me a dozen anesthetic. I remember the doctor speak as to my 1: & other; A little pain, endure a little. Throughout the &; I would like to ask: your fingernails pulled out and not dozen anesthetic just & other; A little pain & throughout; ?

next, the doctor pulled a mass of medical cotton filled it with alcohol scrub my wounds. My finger at that time had no skin, and then meet with alcohol, plus the doctor repeatedly hard brush, and I almost unconscious. Two colleagues tried to hold me on the shoulder, that kind of pain is enough to remember forever. I sweat like soy drops down, is really bite steel teeth. At that moment, my mind there was a man & ndash; Sister jiang! Bamboo stick nails into her finger feeling, I have the same experience. After that, sister jiang became revolutionary hero figure I admire most. Wait until it is all over, I sat up from rescue platform, you see the tray & ndash; For a plate of blood!

the factory to inform families at the time, this is our factory first inductrial injury accident. Accompany me to the hospital is my leader, he asked me, & other; Your dad? Throughout the &;

& other; Went on a business trip. Throughout the &;

he asked, & other; Your mother? Throughout the &;

& other; Also on a business trip. Throughout the &;

asked again, & other; Do you have a brother? Throughout the &;

& other; As a soldier! Throughout the &;

the driver xiao li q: & other; Don’t you have object? Throughout the &;

I said: & other; By the way, notify her!!!! Throughout the &;

when is the summer, very hot. When she work in a drum, is said to have got a call from the hospital was silly. She rode over one hour bike arrived our factory. Why not rushed to the hospital? Because after the doctor bandaged the wound out let me go home. My leader asked me, & other; Take you home? Throughout the &; I want to a want to say: & other Back to the factory, my bike is still in the factory. Throughout the &; They really put me back to the factory.

later I will two people riding a bicycle to go home with my girlfriend, of course, my position is a walking handlebar, single-handedly holding & ndash; If not holding, will be more painful when blood flows downstream. That night was the worst night, painkillers to eat a lot, is useless. I just took to the streets in the movies with my girlfriend. I remember we in guangming cinema, watched a movie in a row, what content completely remember, didn’t listen to go in a line, only the pain. Returned home, the sleepless night, because I can’t to sleep with his arm, and hand down the pain is worse.

two days later, my mom was on a business trip back, saw this picture I, sad death. I also want to pretend to be very calm to comfort her: & other; Well, not deformed. Throughout the &;

his time at home, my colleagues came to sympathy, in what is the most representative of the caffeine arts & ndash; Canned fruit. There are several relations close colleague to accompany me, taught me to play mahjong & ndash; This is my inductrial injury during the biggest, is also the only harvest.