Mozart died from the lack of sunlight? As many as more than 10 kinds of cause of death is a mystery to guess (FIG.)


great composer Wolfgang & middot; Amar ismail more & middot; Mozart at the age of 35 untimely death, has been debated about the cause of his death, mysterious. Recently, the cause of death among many, also has a new claim & ndash; & ndash; He died in the darkness.

source: the guardian

Mozart is a severe lack of sunshine or its death

over the years, the doctors again and again over whether Mozart’s death, each time can give a sensational reasons. The eighteenth century the most famous and prolific composer why prime at the age of 35, fall? The sponsor of the ig Nobel Prize mark & middot; Abraham has the guardian in Britain taps into the mysterious death of Mozart. Recently, he notes, monographs published a new found, Mozart’s death may be due to a lack of sunshine.

the researchers in this paper, the principle is simple: when exposed to the sun, the skin will automatically generate vitamin D. Mozart at the end of the day, sleep almost like a vampire, is a very late, this led to his low levels of vitamin D in the body. Mozart and through ingestion of vitamin supplements to supplement the body needs vitamin D. This can’t blame him, until the 1920 s, people realized that the sun, the relationship between vitamin D and health, vitamin supplements are only for many years in the home of Mozart, salzburg and Vienna for sale.

the study, published in a journal musician’s question, the author Stephen & middot; Peel is the medical university of graz researchers and physicians, another author William & middot; Grant is a California physicist, is the study of atmospheric optics, laser remote sensing and atmospheric sciences.

peel and grant explained: & other; Mozart’s creation is generally at night, so he should be a lot of time in sleep during the day. Located in Vienna 48 degrees north latitude, about six months a year could not get vitamin D from sunlight uv B radiation. Then, on December 5, 1791, has experienced two or three months after lack of vitamin D in the winter, Mozart to the end of life. Throughout the &;

Mozart died a mystery guess up to more than 10 kinds of

peel and grant also realized that many opponents of Mozart’s death in medical explanations exist, but they don’t mention other possibilities. Over the years, Mozart’s death has been debated. Peter & middot; Shaffer play 1969 “amadeus” is described in another composer Mozart was set up. Other evidence of academic research is detected the poisoned Mozart, but most are believed to be not convincing.

this group of competitors by scientists and historians, they are independent, published in the medical journal and the academic journals are Mozart’s death: acute rheumatic fever, bacterial endocarditis, streptococcus sepsis, pulmonary tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, hypertensive encephalopathy, congestive heart failure, uremia, pyelonephritis, bronchial pneumonia secondary to chronic kidney disease, hemorrhagic shock, multiple arthritis, trichinosis & hellip; & hellip; This is really a lot of sounds pretty appalling conditions.

others tried to dig up some from Mozart’s odd behavior biomedical reasons. Those strange theory, there are two is Benjamin & middot; XinJin is put forward. 1992, XinJin in a British medical journal published a paper of a notorious, called “Mozart’s abnormal stool”. In 1999, he further expounded, in a paper mentioned a concept & ndash; & ndash; & other; Merger of streptococcus infection of children autoimmunity nerve mental abnormality & throughout; , & other; The panda disease & throughout; , so the title of this paper is: & other The panda and personality characteristics about Mozart? Throughout the &;