“Mr Meteorological Song Ying outstanding books:” with entertainment spirit in the face of criticism

q: who is the world’s most unreliable?

a: (1) CCTV unreliable; (2) the weather forecast is unreliable; (3) man. So, in the CCTV broadcast weather forecasts of man is the world’s most unreliable.

this is a joke from the central television weather forecast shows a famous host, called & other; Mr Meteorological & throughout; Ying-jie song of the new book which it will rain clouds “introduction. Said the rain or shine, to talk about happiness, about history, the feelings of the essay, tells the story of to day & other Food & throughout; His working experiences, the wisdom of life.

recently, humor and careful meticulous ying-jie song, in the busy, accepted this exclusive interview, to the villagers about himself to the work, to the life of & other; Unknown & throughout; .

watch TV also pay attention to the weather

the ying-jie song on TV, is somewhat more rigorous between words, have a plenty of some serious attitude, and this kind of image mostly because of work, even confessed himself, & other; Treat the job I am a very serious person, responsible for the audience. Life, I would be a sentimental person, it’s like I do weather show a foreign counterparts, outside of work, watching TV, movies, no matter where the plot development, will pay more attention to the weather, speculation of weather information. Throughout the &; This is a kind of perceptual & other; Occupational disease & throughout; Immediately, as long as one to work, ying-jie song will shift: speak language whether stand up to scrutiny, must pay attention to the information is accurate.

in life along with the gender, humorous ying-jie song, in the “what’s going to rain clouds” has also reflected the entire process of the book. He told the reporters, & other; Such didn’t want to deliberately to write a book, is about blogs, the 5, 6 years recorded shows, interviews, talk about the weather situation of some content, such as weibo more messy information collection, which is like the chat up content, also is my practical experience and feeling. I always think, this book is a combination of weather and popularity, a summary of views. Throughout the &; The combination of sentiment and weather wisdom as ying-jie song says in the introduction, & other; “What’s going to rain clouds” not to forecast perspective about the cloud, but leng leng, daydreaming, god, look at the sky & hellip; never read & hellip; Throughout the &;

mentality resilience in the face of criticism

watch weather forecast in order to make yourself the next day’s travel and life more comfortable and calm, but & other; It is the unforeseen & throughout; , it is possible to predict is beautiful, but the next day has the light rain falling. For criticism for various weather forecast evaluation & other Unreliable & throughout; , ying-jie song with words of sincerity in accompanied by poking fun at themselves for the time & other; Comfort & throughout; .

& other; Weather program host should stand up to say, for decades the forecast accuracy are improved, such as in before liberation, the typhoon is coming, because there is no ability to predict, losses will be very serious, now have a radar and satellite, a forecast, casualties could be greatly reduced. The weather forecast can now predict the weather in the coming week, become more accurate and scientific. To scientific prediction is also there will be limited, we did a rigorous lessons for the forecast, will have the concept of face mentality, otherwise it will be more conducive to communication. Science and the rigorous work attitude, coupled with peace of mind, plus a few entertainment spirit, jokes, tolerant to accept these jokes, is advantageous to the benign interaction. If this entertainment spirit all have no, fighting attitude will bring their psychological damage. Throughout the &;

the weather forecast is not accurate, it is easy to let the audience have a mocking attitude, complaints, all of these in testing the trustworthiness of weather forecast. & other; In fact, the pursuit of the weather forecast is: in general weather, make people life easier; In special weather, make people’s lives more comfortable. Which may trust is one of the most important, to the trust, we have been trying to. Throughout the &;

as a child to hear the weather forecast

ying-jie song’s hometown is shenyang, recall the childhood heard the weather forecast, he also impressive, & other; When I was a child quite like to listen to the weather forecast, but most don’t understand. Wish is to be able to understand the weather forecast. Now I do the weather forecast program host, I will do a let everyone can understand the weather forecast, and then I wish is I now want. Throughout the &;

in the talk about the weather forecast of entertainment with reporters, he played an image analogy: & other; In TV shows, some programs as staple food on the table, some is like a wide selection of catering, although less people are talking about catering to mention staples, but the staple food is indispensable. We do the weather forecast is now wants to be the staple food, stand up to scrutiny. Many people would say, weather forecast should also be incorporated into some entertainment elements, too rigid is not good. Actually said that the weather will know the ground, to communicate, I personally will have four request for myself in work, the language more accurate, don’t play with language skills, let everyone understand, considering the average audience to understand and appreciate the way, have the service. Throughout the &; And entertaining, ying-jie song is said not that he will not play, if play for fun, he definitely will be very good, but now the weather forecast from the nature, the need to responsible for the program, responsible for the audience, too much entertainment will reduce the trustworthiness of shows, in fact, the weather forecast is also changed, become more effective and clear.

fans for his explanation information

in which it will rain clouds, ying-jie song responded to the outside world suspicions about the weather forecast reported: & other; Never hide facts & throughout; Four words, it is his commitment to the job, & other; We were standing on the edge of a cliff, is to let the other people easier. This is a kind of is the pursuit of the road. Throughout the &; Ying-jie song in working attitude and rigorous work, peers are there for all to see, for the rapidly changing weather, he can do is accurate, the biggest limit, clear to the audience, like in his book, he said, & other; Never hide facts & throughout; .

work meticulously ying-jie song, for the Chinese characters and culture of China has its own unique awe, & other; When I was a child, I prefer to read poetry, grow up, would prefer the books on history, relative to the real book will mainly be my choice. But like heroes do not ask the source, it seems to me to collect information and acquire knowledge is not necessarily a book, a blog, microblog, news, etc can be my sources, like on twitter, many of my fans will communicate with my weather, such as under the shenyang fans will tell are sometimes thunder shower, the net friend told me that blew a gust of wind. I am very fond of this interaction, relatively speaking, this also is my source of information. Throughout the &; The reporter Wang ying

ying-jie song: CCTV weather forecast show host. In 1984 he was admitted to Beijing institute of meteorological weather power with high honors from the professional, after graduation was assigned to the national meteorological center forecast. Ying-jie song with its professional background, intellectual image and natural witty language style, won the audience’s affection. In 2004, & other; My favorite weather throughout the host &; A national poll, won best host & other; Mr Meteorological & throughout; The title. Representative works: an introduction to weather show host, “it’s a beautiful day, let’s weather forecast, which it will rain clouds.