Mummy in 2800 in Shanxi Province Well-preserved eyebrows is clearly visible (photo)

one thousand mummies well-preserved

spectators looked on

Beijing, taiyuan, April 27 (xinhua Hu Jian) in 27 & other; Tianshan past & ndash; & ndash; The ancient silk road in xinjiang Wen Mingzhan & throughout; A has 2800 years ago, JuMo male corpse attracted the attention of a lot of attention, to witness the mummy in one thousand, the original for shanxi people, is a rare.

JuMo male corpse discovered in xinjiang rolling Luke graveyard tomb no. 2, the back body piece limb of the mummy’s height 176 centimeters, about 50 years old age of death, has a history of 2800 years ago, belonged to the ancient Europa race, still well preserved, brown hair, developed his eyebrows and beard is clearly visible.

a variety of tang dynasty, pastry is another highlight of the exhibition, astana tomb unearthed in turpan city, they are more than 1000 years ago people leisure food, have made careful called naan, dumplings, cakes, cookies and other food, recreates the ancient ancestors of the diet composition of xinjiang, is constrained by image intuitively reflect the diet culture in the central plains, at the same time, the influence of diet system has its own distinct characteristic and flavor.

according to the deputy director of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region museum Wang Yilong introduction, these treasures from xinjiang loulan city ruins, ruins, sea cemetery, astana tomb famous remains, include the paper documents, silk fabric, pottery, clay sculpture, coloured drawing or pattern, COINS, body discovered, and many other types of cultural relics, covers the 3000 – year – old to 1000 years of history, lively tour of the ancient is active in the silk road on the big stage of different language, different clothing, different religious beliefs of all ethnic groups of the humanities landscape, fully shows the mutual collision, blend between eastern and western civilizations in xinjiang, absorption, transmission and development.

the exhibition renewal for 3 months, the audience can free visit ticket at the entrance of the museum. During the exhibition, shanxi museum will undertake & other; Tianshan throughout the past &; Knowledge boards into the community, & other; Legends of the silk road & throughout; Colleges special lectures, and other knowledge, Explore the tianshan & throughout; Stories into the classroom, & other Tianshan mountain treasure & throughout; Children’s fun folding and other activities.

xinjiang as ancient & other; The silk road & throughout; Is the point of the south, middle and north three in xinjiang, more than 5000 kilometers of xinjiang left a rich historical sites and relics. Due to the unique geographical environment and climate in xinjiang, to completely preserved rich cultural heritage, the type of rich, s, the value of the value of very long time, the world attention, converge into a compliant and brilliant civilization of the ancient silk road of xinjiang. The