Murdoch apologized: apologize artwork and the old real work more exposure

1. Apology AD

this past weekend, the British national newspapers will appear special apology advertisement, signature is: Rupert Murdoch.

on July 15, Mr Murdoch’s son James (James Murdoch) issued a notice to the media, announced the news group to make a public apology, and that internal to phone hacking, do further reflection of two weeks. Apology AD below:

picture from website Journalism. The UK via twitter @ TimGatt.

we are sorry.

news is for the attention of others, if this kind of attention to the media itself, is a failure.

we have committed serious mistakes apologize.

I also realize that, just a simple apology is not enough.

the cornerstone of our work is a free and fair, and it must have a positive effect to the society. We use this to survive.

the future period of time, we will solve these problems, further efforts to make up for mistakes. You will see us more effort.

2. Is the most effective apology & hellip; & hellip;

the validity of murdoch’s apology, according to Dan Ariely MIT behavioral researchers, because I’m afraid it was late and the lack of convincing.

with all sorts of strange psychology and behavior research test blog Neuromarketing, Dan Ariely of an experimental survey released last week, The Upside of Irrationality. Experiments show that the error, a rapid and simple apology: I was wrong, will play an important competition into effect, and delay of corporations.

the researchers in the survey, first to find the object under test to do some simple work, promised to give the $5 compensation, error when sending money to pretend to give them more money. Rude to answer the phone at this point, the tester puts them aside. Next, if the tester without any explanation, many of them will put more money in his pocket, and as long as the tester is very simply: & other; I’m very sorry, just answer the phone & throughout; , them will be very easy to put more money back.

3. But he still looks ever?

BAGNEWS a blog about own a confusion: the old gentleman and even make a mistake, the pictures are still smiling.