Museum collection of celebrity hair Such as Washington, Lincoln (map)

Laura lives in Missouri is a retired hairdresser, she now teach people to distribute and twist, also have their own hair. Laura love is more than that to the hair, her hair art collection, and then in her museum exhibition.

her museum displays of celebrity hair, such as Washington,, Kennedy and Reagan, but she was the main purpose of the museum open is not here. Hair art refers not to tie her hair into a braid, but the wound carefully designed elaborate weaving hair set in the frame, most of these boxes are used to decorate the Victorian home. Laura’s hair art began in 1959, she made the wreath, hair ornaments and jewelry. In the beginning, she just put these collections on the bed, but 20 years later, she decided to rent a house, set up a museum, the collection on display.

in the museum, from roof to floor, is her collection, including more than 300 wreaths and 2000 with human hair decoration jewels. Some collection really very delicate, it is easy to see exhibitions of pondering, hair such a wonderful thing, why do people need to cut hair? Before digital camera does not appear, may collect memorial love in the lover’s hair is very creative. (source: the web)