Musicians Chen shen launch nonfiction: optimistic, to be honest look at the world

“grandma, I’m back” in the book illustration

in order to create “one night in Beijing”, “leave the sadness to myself” and other songs and popular Chinese music circle musicians Chen shen, recently published nonfiction. “grandma, I come back.”

in this book, Chen shen tells the story of his childhood memories, recalled coexistence with grandma. Each chapter beginning with flowers: oil hemp rapeseed flowers, betel nut tree, cordate telosma, sweet potatoes. In Chen shen, each plant represents a childhood a certain feelings, record in the sixties and seventies of Taiwan people’s life stories.

such as a brilliant red Chinese hibisci rosae-sinensis flower for Chen shen is the symbol of female be sycophantic, secondary school of Chen shen like luca brasi, female students show next door class show luca brasi’s mother is a teacher, the teacher’s daughter is a bit expensive gas. She always quietly standing in the front of the car and picked up a book on the watch. To school to pick a red Chinese hibisci rosae-sinensis flower, hair don’t in her gentle, like posters on the calendar the woman. So when bobby Chen have always wanted to graduate quickly leave & other; Throughout the country &; Success, to strive to make money outside, come back to marry her.

this is not the first book, bobby Chen’s & other; Family tetralogy & throughout; The first part. Chen shen plan with four books record four family elders and home flowers and plants, insects, fish, birds and animals and the specialty, the resurrection of the warmth of childhood memories, behind the three leading role of my grandfather, abba, o mother respectively.

China’s culture of journalists in the book “grandma, I’m back” after the ipo, by mail & other; Chen shen eldest brother & throughout; Interviewed. Let’s listen to what he is about his childhood, think of life and writing.

China: this is a very interesting book. In plant name string of childhood memories do you have any special meaning in it?

Chen shen: it seems there’s nothing special meaning, the childhood in the countryside, surrounded by a lot of plants, writing from natural floret grass begin to write, slowly turned into a book.

China: why did the old pictures in the book are superimposed a lot of flowers and plants? This is your idea? Why is that?

Chen shen: feel very special, good ah. My grandfather grandma in the field are related to the grass floret. Notice on one day, when the boring, just want to write a novel, you can also write grandma made some payment, wrote dodder flower.

China: the growing experience of childhood probably now only & other; Warmth & throughout; With & other; Painful & throughout; , you wrote in the bamboo flowers: & other; Most emotional revelation are like that, lasting wait & throughout; . Grandma is a reaction of reaction, good relationship with their grandparents, we call & other; Throughout every generation pro &; , grandma is how a person in your heart?

Chen shen: I wrote in the book: my grandma never read a book, illiterate, but she’s dynamic. She often made the astonishing, with mirth.

grandma is very mandate, less likely to express feelings, busy busy in the fields every day, when I was a little boy, I grew up in grandma’s side, and grandson, but also bear the excrement to fertilization, rickety follow grandma on the ridge, I asked, & other; Grandma a cylinder pour it out to the park? Throughout the &; Grandma said: & other; What shit, just pour what field! Throughout the &; Think of still have meaning, she has her own life wisdom.

China: can you share with us a not written in the book, the story of you and grandma?

Chen shen: would you like to write it in the book.

China: your music is the sort of & other; The truth solid material & throughout; Class, write a book like writing music what place, what place is not the same?

Chen shen: music, writing as if it’s nothing different, write to sing songs to live, I express their ideas, just like others in the mind the idea of right. I would prefer a lifetime when a writing. Have the opportunity to write their own grave, I must suggest the somebody else: it is a writing, is not a star, I don’t need this AShen lady to meet my vanity.

China: from the previous interview I noticed this: you are very cherish your work, your music, see it as a & other; Precious things in life & throughout; . This book of the & other; Precious & throughout; What is?

Chen shen: family. “Grandma, I come back,” is & other; Family tetralogy & throughout; First, there is my grandfather, abba, o mother. I will write family elders and hometown of flowers and plants, insects, fish, birds and animals.

China: what about music, is a part of life, or just work?

Chen shen: start doing music, because of life. Want to make money for the family, I am the line as civil servants to deal with, like a farmer, I grow every year, and dare not, not afraid of it ruined grass.

China: in the face of confusion and conflict uncertain, how will you deal with?

Chen shen: fifty and knew her, I would have to give up asking myself what the hell am I want to do, so I think it should be no one in the world is really understand. As I wrote before 9999 drops of tears in this book, the four girls to four perspective, I side will show a different I, we went to see anyone might just see one side, no one should know each other.

China: growth and success is very & other; Cruel & throughout; , is a process of constantly taking himself, in the face of today’s success, how to see the hardships of the past?

Chen shen: although I am now a little hate myself, but I prefer now I think about myself. Age grew, think about the past is like a monopoly in the count their wealth, is a very pretty enjoyable thing. I believe & other; Throughout life two shipped three yourself &; , overall I feel life originally ordinary good enough myself industrious, slowly become to better our lives, so I must meet a lot of good people along the way.

China: do things we all want to have a result, but is not a process should be more than the results? And we are always feeling in do some meaningless things, you also have such time?

Chen shen: I am an optimistic person, see the world is as optimistic, to be honest, didn’t dare to tell the terrible tomorrow. I tell the somebody else’s heart to speak. I never wanted to sing and sing, I open myself, will not feel what is the harm.

China: how hope children can now have a childhood?

Chen shen: I hope they happy, don’t too great pressure. My son is very big, I don’t give him any pressure, I can’t use my abilities and powers to intervene. He play rock band, I will not affect his on music, specially if he ask me, I will tell him, in fact most of kung fu came to steal, particularly jobs that need a bit of talent.

I won’t tell my son at home, this is right, this is wrong, I can’t.