Mysterious qin dynasty bronze dragon had been “big eight blocks” nearly diaspora overseas

bronze dragons

one of the shaanxi history museum, bronze dragon, was found to have been dismembered the relics dealer, almost diaspora overseas.

in the winter of 1993, to crack down on the crime of theft of motor vehicles in operation, the municipal public security bureau seized a stolen, found in its load within a pile of packages sealed bronze remnants, the oxidation, a total of eight pieces, weighs 92.5 kg. Xi ‘an municipal public security bureau will hand over 8 pieces of qin dynasty bronze dragon residual shaanxi history museum, the restoration experts research, carefully spell to repeatedly, found that it was a breathtaking qin dynasty bronze jack. 1, the 2 pieces of the adhesive for leading; After 4, 5 pieces of adhesive residue as a whole, 83 cm long, 20.1 cm wide, wall thickness of 0.4 cm to 0.6 cm, respectively is suggested from the casting after welding and become, they suggested is interspersed with relationship with residual 3 parts, a dish of flexor winding ssangyong. Article 8 pass is beaten, it is 4 beaten, twisted, a hollow cone, bottom diameter of 32 cm, diameter of 19 cm, 28 cm high. Expert judgment, law school should be a pair of bronze dragon, the only other thing that I do not know where.

will eventually recover its archaeological experts in two in front of the bronze dragons. Suggested hollow, head slightly shows square, eyes, nose, mouth, body is acted the role of scales, tail volume for the hollow cone. Suggested points cast welding forming, big, has strong shock.

this bronze dragon is a relic of the warring states period, qin and qin dynasty. So great and mysterious ancient bronze objects, what is its purpose? Archaeological experts have three views: a kind of opinion, it belongs to sacrifice ritual vessels, there are ten dragon, two winding as a group, on behalf of the four directions. Another opinion, at least eight dragon or more, after his recovery should with ZhongShanWang tomb unearthed bronze bird column basin is similar to that of ill. The third kind of opinion, it should be the base of the giant instrument. Experts successively in the departure of rites the roll of 31 “hall a 14”, “work”, “historical records & middot; the eloquent appraisals appended to”, “three auxiliary Huang Tu texts found evidence, daqin empire, emperor qin shi huang established world of weapons, poly xianyang, cast bells, court, three zhangs, Zhong Xiaozhe qian stone also. Most experts agree that a third opinion.

in the qin culture have a tradition of pursuing great momentum, after qin unified the six countries, the tradition is to an extreme. Bronze dragon peak is unification of the qin empire. This giant bronze art coming from the qin dynasty, witness the strength of the qin empire, gave us the endless reverie.