Name of the Chinese nation, a total of tens of thousands of dead poison around all is the longest surnamed nine words

“of” collected 504 surnames, so, how many of the Chinese nation a surname?

in the Ming dynasty Chen Shiyuan compiled the surname engrave has income shan, compound surname, 3625. In 1978, the relevant departments by the household registration and post and telecommunications departments for the usage of seven big city Chinese surnames were investigated, the total number of surnames is 2587. People’s posts and telecommunications publishing house in 1984, the Chinese surnames assembly collection shan, compound surname 5730. And Taiwan scholars Wang Sucun of “Chinese surname mansion” ancient and modern Chinese surnames collected as many as 7720. But this is definitely not the final Numbers. According to the education science press, Beijing 1996, “the Chinese name dictionary, the ancient nationalities in China with the surname of a total of 11969 Chinese characters records. Besides, modern Chinese use Chinese character name remains to be further we go, the survey found especially those still keep in han and tang dynasties of the traffic block areas, as well as some language communication inconvenience in ethnic minority areas, the brother of the there must be a lot of surname bury in the folk, such as & other; Death & throughout; , & other Poison & throughout; , & other Pop & throughout; Are the surname.

common Chinese surnames mostly in the form of a word, basic is two words, compound surname “of” records. So, there is no longer a surname? Have a plenty of, the longest is nine word! “Chinese surnames big dictionary”, according to Chinese ancient nationalities in Chinese characters recorded 4329 double word surname, three-word name of 1615, four word surname, 569, 96, five word surname six name is 22, seven word name is seven, eight surname three, nine word is 1.

so, the person’s name change? It is generally believed that is surname ancestor to stay and how can we change? Traditionally, there has been & other; Do not changed its name, sit no surname & throughout; The said. Normally, of course, so, in the history and reality, however, is quite a common surname, voluntary, involuntary; Proactive, forced; Glory, sad, and so on. Can be roughly divided into the several ways. Due to avoid disaster, avoid enemy, taboo, avert suspicion by the change of name: it is said that when the western han dynasty sima qian for convicted, two sons to flee, avoided the firstborn take & other; The horse & throughout; Add two points for & other; Feng & throughout; , the second son to take & other; Department & throughout; Add a vertical for & other; With & throughout; ; Given name: emperor of Ming dynasty eunuch Ma Sanbao given by yongle surname for zheng, so the surname change called & other; Zheng & throughout; ; Ethnic brothers to Chinese surname: northern wei emperor xiaowen to implement the localization of xianbei ethnic minority group, make dress hanfu xianbei ethnic minority group, said HanHua instead, and to change & other TaBaShi & throughout; For & other; Yus & throughout; ; Han Chinese to ethnic surname: liao, xia, jin and yuan dynasty, the han Chinese to change for the minority name is a not a few; Because taboo surname: qing dynasty emperors to show reverence of Confucianism, had ordered & other; Hill & throughout; Surname made speak (cs17), must change & other; The high & throughout; ; Because of the son in law by adoption, stepchildren, adopted the surname, and it’s really too much. In addition, there are other special cases.

some surnames, though different in literally, actually part of the name is from a family name is derived. According to the related research, by the name derived from yao was more than 60, such as Chen, wang, hu, sun, danger, tian yuan, vehicles, such as lu surname, in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. From the blogger article: “of” because of the culture and civilization)