Nanjing 200 middle school teachers and students class wearing pajamas for school leaders to support (FIG.)

wearing pajamas walking in the campus is quite remarkable personality.

wearing pajamas teaching cisi Chen teacher carefully.

girls in animals pajamas.

outside the south small A classmate is wrapped in A few days ago my parents bought her nightdress. In the early morning yesterday, she should go to school wearing pajamas, left behind a mystery parents. Because their children how to also can’t imagine in pajamas shuttling between the classroom and cafeteria. Taiping north road campus yesterday in foreign language school, class IB international course preparation and class in Cambridge, nearly 200 students in the loose pajamas appearing in every corner of the campus, they undoubtedly become other uniforms & other classmates eyes; The scenery & throughout; . Yangzi evening news reporter in the interview also surprised to find that many teachers are wearing pajamas at home, standing on the platform meticulously teaching knowledge. Put on pajamas classmates excitedly said he didn’t feel very habit, but very welcome this & other; Pajamas day & throughout; .

the yangzi evening news reporter Chen Jing article/taken