Nanjing ancient city wall and the elevator be miserably & quot; For & quot; To improve the tickets

to play on the wall & other Drift & throughout; Just past the wall will be moving again. The relevant departments of planning, to build a transparent elevators, across the wall on both sides. Is said to be on both sides in order to facilitate access, ornamental blocked by walls of Los Angeles.

this strange planning, strong opposition from the nanjing local people. The so-called convenient viewing, everybody knew just excuses. In fact, all is money way, built the elevator, someone will sit, rich nature. Otherwise, after that they built free try?

how many cultural relics, in such an excuse for development and utilization, such as easy to use, be changed, until beyond recognition, or even destroyed, and then built beside a & other; Tang and song dynasty street & throughout; & other; The Ming and qing dynasties throughout the city &; Like a fake, and then make a money. & other; Cultural relics plays, act in an opera in economy & throughout; , cultural relics since became a means of protection can only be empty talk, culture is a joke. No real culture, historic sites will be more and more to seek novelty, fresh stunt to attract tourists. So, in some places to recognize & other; The west door celebrate & throughout; & other; The lotus of pan gold & throughout; Such as the opposite of literary figures do fathers, 1:00 also not afraid of losing face, it is not strange.

these strange situation can occur, is not only the concept of guided GDP first, not said has much to do with wanderlust. Chinese people rich, tourism has become a fashion leisure way. “Golden week” of what, don’t go out brigade swim all embarrassed to tell people. Tourism, however, is for the sake of what, but not many people have a good thought. Tourism intention is to increase knowledge, cultivate the mind and body, to visit places of interest are chasing for the ancients, it is only natural that hold a vision of yearning heart. But too many people just for the sake of & other; Visit & throughout; But go to, just like eating pig eight quit to ginseng fruit, do not know its taste. Where someone is more exciting and ran what, do not know the distinguishes the beauty and ugliness, don’t know. So travel to some places is wanton cashed in on the ancestors heritage provides the soil.

rich people, to make up & other; Civilization throughout the &; This course. In this course, the people should not only learn to quietly appreciation, Minneapolis, rejection, & other; Fake & throughout; Monuments, also want to learn to protect their doorstep scenic sites. In this regard, the nanjing people opened a good start, can produce only hope their protests, protect to the history of six hundred years vicissitudes of life are not to bring down the ancient city wall!