Nanjing claim to be a 135 – year – old monk to provoke debate: rosy vocal (FIG.)

the old monk shi sleep good

the old monk was hale and hearty. File photo

the old monk was awarded honorary certificate.

essence in the town of laoshan mountains, there is a hidden among the trees, small temple, there lived an old abbot, residents have revealed that the monks are 135 years old. It is said that a transformation from around the country every day come to visit the master. The 135 – year – old, so old, whether is true? Yangzi evening news reporter yesterday come to his temple & other; HuiJi throughout the monastery &; , heard the story of his life. He id display was born in 1919, he told reporters, because of many reasons, had modified twice his age.

& other; Hundred years old, the old monk & throughout; Meditation visitors

the yangzi evening news reporters through a verdant, came to pukou essence of laoshan mountains near the town. Highway along the side of the road, and you can see & other; HuiJi temple & throughout; And the three one thousand ginkgo tree in front of the temple. Redirection zhou told reporters & other; Not here, the old abbot beside a remote temple in solitude. Throughout the &; He told reporters, listen to the roadside small restaurant boss said, here is one of the 135 – year – old old monk, so he become attached to here.