Nanjing found strange “drums or stone” design character or for yue fei (FIG.)

& other; The drums or stone & throughout; On the back, the stone with a round hole

& other; The drums or stone & throughout; Positive, pattern seems to be a person in the drums

& other; The drums or stone & throughout; Face down in a heap of stone in the middle, not easy to be found

the words on the stone seems & other; Silence & throughout;

recently for a period of time, the white horse park stone carving attracted everybody’s attention. The stone carving hot, also caused the nanjing folk WeiShiLin lovers of archaeological interest, he told the reporters, not far from the white horse park couple garden there was a strange & other The drums or stone & throughout; Because hidden skillfully, besides him, no one noticed. In recent years, WeiShiLin has been proven this & other; The drums or stone & throughout; History, his research has been in the journal of nanjing local Chronicles, experts called & other; Grassroots & throughout; Discovery.

what WeiShiLin & other; The drums or stone & throughout; What it’s like, what story? Reporters to couple garden curiosity.

– modern express reporter Bai Yan article/taken

couple garden strange stone

residents considered Ming & other; The drums or stone & throughout;

under the guidance of WeiShiLin, reporters came to the pigeon lovers grounds between the trees on the northern side of building.

lying on the ground of BaJiuKuai stone greets the journalists, WeiShiLin said, pointing to one piece, that is his sole found & other; The drums or stone & throughout; , there is a round hole, rock side half a round hole.

WeiShiLin out carry tape measure, began to measure the stone in front of me. Measurement shows that rocks length 69 cm, 65 cm wide, 17 cm thick.

reporter notice, this & other; The drums or stone & throughout; In addition to the natural stone texture, and no carving or decoration.

WeiShiLin said the secret is hidden in the other side of the stone, and other I found this stone is in May 2006, at this location. At that time, the stone of the two hole caught my attention. Slightly yellow stone, granite texture, is very heavy, I ask nearby staff to help, just flipped the stone, see the drum package design. Throughout the &;

6 years on, this is the same stone? The so-called & other; The drums, pled & throughout; Design what look like?

reporter with WeiShiLin, use all one’s strength, only with the aid of QiaoJin reversed the heavy stones. Stone surface covered with mud, and worms crawling around, simply can’t see whether there is a pattern above.

WeiShiLin magic pulled out a clean large salad oil barrels, calling from near the lake with a bucket of water. Then, he took out an old toothbrush, while flushing with brush teeth stones on the surface of the earth.

a complete pattern revealed: stone on the upper left corner, is a mass of moire; Right in the middle is a cap, wear open-necked jacket of the ancients, left hand held high. The ancients left hand above, is a round object, with two Chinese characters; Above the two characters have been artificial damage, two-tone Nick, let a person’s failure to recognize what is the word.

although it is difficult to identify the handwriting, but make a bold speculation, WeiShiLin & other; You see, the people on the image, should be ShouYuan prisoners’ families, are drumming request hold court trial review. This & lsquo; The drums or stone & rsquo; Should be set in the Ming dynasty in nanjing, the highest judicial organ implements in the wall. Throughout the &;

WeiShiLin has the speculation, it is according to the shape of the stone carving; The second is access to the data based on his years.

couple garden near the punishments of the Ming dynasty

strange stone carving is government lobby decoration?

WeiShiLin showed reporters at renmin university of China publishing house published in 1991, the jinling ten toward the emperor & middot; nanjing volume “book, book page 123 emergency exit in the introduction, Ming in xuanwu lake exit peripherals & other; Throughout the three division &; , xuanwu lake known as & other; Days & throughout; , because of sin cut more than in the execution. Legend cry at night, the villagers disturbed, so named exit, thus lead to the period of taiping dike called days & other; Loneliness insuperior & throughout; .

used to work in the exhibition of yi won confirmed the record in the book: & other; Ming the emergency exit, is located in the southeast of zhongshan south, xuanwu, and according to Ming map, & lsquo; The three division & rsquo; Is set up in this neighborhood. & lsquo; Loneliness insuperior & rsquo; Yu Mingchu, construction of embankment in peace, is to prevent xuanwu water overflowing and build on the monkey. Throughout the &;

yi won mentioned & other; Throughout the three division &; , namely WeiShiLin & other; In Ming dynasty, nanjing’s highest judicial organ & throughout; , it is a what kind of institution?

the data shows, the three department is the judicial organ in the middle of the Ming dynasty. Which is the nation’s highest judicial organ, punishments set Yu Hongwu first, initially set up four radical, institutions set up by many subsequent changes. The duties and powers of punishments, specifically: & other; Punishments around President assistant minister, palm all forms and ACTS of soap, GouFu, close order. Throughout the &; Business is mainly in charge of the trial.

DouChaYuan is the nation’s highest supervisory organs in the Ming dynasty, is equipped with two left and right are empire, left, right, vice all suggestion and two, left, right organization all suggestion and two. All suggestion and authority for: & other; Suggestion, develops the remedy illegally division, argue wronged, prefect the way, for the right of discipline and fresh cheese & hellip; & hellip; Pilgrimage, investigation, with the official department SiXian ding accompanied. DaYu heavy prison Ju in the outer court, kai, Dali brought to the punishments. Its mainland orders, giving the following out-of-town, specifically their acting on orders. Throughout the &; That is to say, DouChaYuan can not only supervise judicial organ has & other; Events throughout, small cutting off &; Power of solving criminal cases.

3 laws of Dali temple is the cautious punishment organ, the main management of grievance, reprove misjudged cases, to rectify.

see, reporters from the Ming map DouChaYuan, punishments, Dali temple three agencies, are located in the emergency exit on the west side, south of xuanwu, close to the wall, arranged in sequence from west to east. Several map of Ming contrast show, however, the marble temple, on the east side of the tag out sometimes, sometimes not, there is a map, were supposed to be a marble temple position, but marked & other; A judge office & throughout; . This change, in fact and historical records is consistent: Dali temple in history has been repeatedly “leather, not formally identified until the early years of the paradise.