Nanjing “liuhe bath chap” apply intangible Netizens said of the difficult to appeal

fragrant bath chap is really able to hook up the appetite of many people

recently, some netizens post said & other; Liuhe district of saddle agricultural professional cooperatives, submit an application to the relevant authorities, head wants to liuhe bath chap declare world non-material cultural heritage. Throughout the &; & other; Bath chap can ShenFei heritage? Also intangible world? Throughout the &; Many people think that a fit some keeping properties also let people don’t understand. Yangzi evening news reporter yesterday & other; Bath chap in support & throughout; Nanjing intangible protection center, the view of experts is tit for tat, some support some strong opposition. Experts said that & other; Support & throughout; Chaos in the country, need to calm view & other; Heritage throughout the economy &; To avoid & other; Abuse of culture & throughout; Cases.

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the yangzi evening news reporter Zhang Jun article/taken

posts broke

& other; Liuhe bath chap & throughout; To declare the world & other; The heritage & throughout;

of the netizens think it’s difficult to bath chap appeal, also some question is hype

on April 24, the net friend & other; Won’t cut & throughout; On the already post said & other; The day before yesterday, liuhe district, saddle, head of the agricultural professional cooperatives QiZhengBing submit an application to the relevant department, hope will liuhe bath chap declare world non-material cultural heritage. Throughout the &; In addition to this sentence, the rest of the text is a historical data of liuhe bath chap.

this post attract netizens, some people in favor of, think & other; Liuhe bath chap can become a world heritage site, to the local people is a good thing & throughout; , also some people oppose that & other; Can bath chap & lsquo; Support & rsquo; At least 20 many kinds of food, jiangsu can & lsquo; Support & rsquo; Throughout the &; , & other; Bath chap is not unique to liuhe again? We also have a bath chap, northeast why liuhe can & lsquo; Support & rsquo; ? Throughout the &; Some argue that the bath chap as a kind of of the keeping hard to appeal, and bath chap is not exclusive to nanjing, like nanjing control.

at the same time, also netizens question & other; Liuhe district of saddle agricultural professional cooperatives & throughout; Something borrowed & other; Support & throughout; Suspected of hype. Yangzi evening news reporter then retrieve found that posts mentioned QiZhengBing is a named & other; Six flat liuhe bath chap & throughout; The head of the company.

dialogue party

not declare world intangible but national intangible

2009 submitted to district bureau of materials, but didn’t success

yesterday, the yangzi evening news reporters came to the liuhe, and the net post mentioned QiZhengBing made contact. He took the reporter came to his bath chap processing enterprises, enterprise scale is not big, reporter saw seven rooms, including a separate cooking workshop and a packaging workshop. QiZhengBing confirmed that he did for liuhe bath chap & other; Support & throughout; And he applied for is not a world non-material cultural heritage, but the national non-material cultural heritage.

QiZhengBing said to reporters, nanjing brocade, jinling carved, beside qinhuai light and gold foil and so on four project is listed as one of the first national & other; The heritage & throughout; After that he felt liuhe bath chap a household name in nanjing, and the above four projects have the same value. To this end, he USES firewood to replace steam pan, strive to restore the liuhe bath chap & other; Original & throughout; . In 2009 QiZhengBing submit to the liuhe district culture bureau & other Support & throughout; Material, but it didn’t succeed. Reporters asked QiZhengBing & other; Support & throughout; To what materials, he said that in addition to the production process and trademark, other are also can’t remember. QiZhengBing tells a reporter, now he is going to continue to apply for national & other; The heritage & throughout; .

as we have learned, liuhe bath chap enjoys a high reputation in the late qing dynasty and early republic of China, after about 20 stores management bath chap, it both in material selection, processing, material, the heat is very exquisite.

expert opinion PK

& other; Liuhe bath chap & throughout; Inheritance is the craftsmanship, can support

& other; Just published nanjing the end of the second batch of non-material cultural heritage list, no liuhe bath chap, since no one application, the next batch of national intangible if someone apply for, I think I still have hope for. Throughout the &; Nanjing Wang Louming, director of the non-material cultural heritage protection center told the yangzi evening news reporter, the second batch of non-material cultural heritage has more than 30, in nanjing has been reported to the superior department for review. And bath chap belong to keeping & other; Liuhe sirloin & throughout; The success was selected. Ms wang said, compared with those of liuhe sirloin liuhe bath chap is likely to be almost on the cultural background, but also be a brand, and has a certain continuity, can be in support.

the reporter understands, intangible items, and food related nanjing in nanjing are elected by the two batch of national intangible projects accounted for 1/5. & other; Such brisket and bath chap food & lsquo; Support & rsquo; , “it’s not the food itself, but to make these skills. Throughout the &; Wang Louming tells a reporter, nanjing jiangning lake ripe technique successfully selected the first batch of nanjing & control other The heritage & throughout; Project, because the production of manual control techniques have hundreds of years of history, and the success of heritage and protected.

bath chap as properties can succeed, what else can’t into & other; The heritage & throughout; ?

& other; If bath chap is also, what is not legacy? This is the material culture heritage, not cooking heritage! Throughout the &; Nanjing non-material cultural heritage protection center consultant Wang Chong nut for & other; Bath chap in support & throughout; Opposition. If liuhe bath chap, he felt, apply for success will be very inappropriate. & other; What I mean is not to say that the liuhe bath chap is bad, on the contrary I am also very love to eat. But can’t lean toward culture everything, this abuse is a kind of cultural phenomenon. If bath chap can dispute heritage, the head of sheep meat, cow meat, dog meat, and so on, as long as the delicious can go to support! Throughout the &; Wang Chong firm believes that food & other; The heritage & throughout; Projects should not be too much, if is such, & other; Intangible protection list finally into food daqo throughout the &; .

& other; The heritage & throughout; Became a means of hype, around the support of upset

by & other; Support & throughout; Speculation there is indeed a lot at home, once & other; Support & throughout; Hot. Ms wang said, application & other; The heritage & throughout; The success of the project itself brand influence does have a role, it also caused some sharpening head to apply. & other; Nanjing second batch of national intangible items, apply for more than 90, less than one-third of passing. Throughout the &;

national nonmaterial cultural heritage experts committee, nanjing university professor Xu Yiyi told reporters that the world heritage is divided into many categories, some responsible for declaration of institutions themselves are not clear. Xu Yiyi think, some people think that as long as you can & other; Support & throughout; Successful, can achieve the result that improve their influence, not with the mission of inheriting cultural heritage to apply, this wave of application, will naturally cause the result of the base. & other; Liuhe bath chap itself does not exist actually fit & lsquo; Support & rsquo; The debate, basically see it in the tradition culture contribution, can apply for. Throughout the &;