Nanjing sun yat-sen’s mausoleum is shocking the swim 1 way translated into “swimming road no. 1”

yesterday, Mr Liu told the yangzi evening news reporter: he pictures several public signs in nanjing, a variety of shocking translation let people in distress situation, one of the best way is at the gate of sun yat-sen’s mausoleum scenic spot signs will swim into 1 road & other Swimming 1 road & throughout; The & other; The international joke throughout the &; . & other; And then open the youth Olympic Games next year, so many mistake harm the image of nanjing. Throughout the &;

in fact, as early as 2010, our province has introduced the jiangsu public logo English translation of writing code, why will appear this kind of mistake? The intern Wang Jiajing

various shocking translation

& other; Be careful of the water & throughout; As & other The water carefully & throughout;

a few days ago, as a high school English teacher Mr Liu in nanjing with friends to visit the zhongshan scenic area, with sensitivity to let him pay special attention to the English translation of scenic spot in all kinds of signs & other; Surprising results. Throughout the &; Is one of the most stunning sign in at the entrance of zhongshan cemetery & other; 1 throughout the road & swim; Has been translated into & other; Swimming no. 1 bus & throughout; (swim 1 road bus).

in addition, & other; The parking lot to sun yat-sen’s mausoleum (donggou) bus & throughout; In the translation, drew field is zhang two monks confused, don’t know what the translator really want to say. Drew is the draw of the past tense verbs, the draw is a common words, said & other; Drag and pull and drag & throughout; , but does not include the meaning in Chinese text.

Mr Liu said, sun yat-sen’s mausoleum scenic spot of the public signs translation error is more than these. Pipa lake a logo & other; Be careful of the water & throughout; The English translation is & other; Take care to fall into water” Mean very soon, it seemed that you fell into the water, but you must be careful when some drowning, please careful fell into the water.

and the plum blossom valley lake & other; No swimming, otherwise the consequence is proud & throughout; After the first sentence translation subject, lack of sentence, the verb disobey modify the subject person, and lack of predicate, behind only a participle phrase, confusion of grammar don’t understand. & other; Actually use & lsquo; Danger! & rsquo; Or & lsquo; No Swimming’ Is ok! Throughout the &; Liu told reporters that he has collected more than ten translation errors only his rough went a day’s achievement, such as the careful looking for estimates there are many, but the same problem in nanjing also has a lot of other parks, scenic spot, Mr Liu said he had seen in nanjing treasure ships park will & other; Zheng he’s voyage & throughout; Translated into Under Zheng He Western World (Under Zheng He in the Western World). At the gate of the taiping south road on the east side of the middle of zheng he park plaza on the window of a ticket booth, & other; Tickets throughout the &; Has been translated into the From the Vote (From).

all kinds of chaos translation

a & other; Ming tomb & throughout; Four English name

liu also found big-name & other; Ming tomb & throughout; There are four English name. Respectively is & other; Ming Tomb Dynasty” & other; & other; Xioaling the Tomb of the Ming Dynasty” & other; Filial Tomb of Ming Dynasty” And bring the & other; Ming tomb & throughout; As a pure place name in Chinese pinyin tagging for & other; Ming Xiao Ling” & other; This a few translation both exist at the same time, I took a picture. The same places multiple translations in the foreigner eyes identification means, it is not the same place, this interferes with the city image and international language environment. Throughout the &; Mr Liu told reporters, the same place different translation phenomenon only sun yat-sen’s mausoleum scenic area there are many & other; Jinling rock pavilion & throughout; Translation had & other; Jin Ling Shi Dao Mansion” & other; Jin Ling Stone Museum” And & other; Jin Ling Stone Road Museum” Three types of translation. & other; Throughout the house &; Had & other; Meiling Palace” And & other Mei – ling Palace” And so on.

for & other; Ming tomb & throughout; English translation, English professor, foreign languages institute of nanjing agricultural university, is currently involved in drafting the public services of the foreign language translation of writing & middot; English “national standard Wang Yinquan think is really difficult, the key is to translate its historical sense, Ming Tomb Dynasty is the most can not forgive the low-level translation errors, and the translator, the lack of professional quality. Wang Yinquan views tend to be & other; The Imperial Mausoleum of The Ming Dynasty” Namely, & other Throughout the Ming royal mausoleum &; & other; The taj mahal of India’s famous official translation is & lsquo; Taj Mahal Mausoleum’ , sun yat-sen’s mausoleum’s square is the translation & lsquo; Dr Sun Yat – sen ‘s Mausoleum’ . Throughout the &; Wang Yinquan think & other; Mausoleum” The word is more beneficial to the difference between ordinary and royal tombs grave.

translation have standard

but lack the same department management

& other; In fact, before the 2010 world expo in Shanghai, jiangsu province has introduced the public logo English translation to write code in jiangsu province the local standards and released by the provincial bureau of quality supervision, inspection, however, related industry obviously didn’t take it seriously. Throughout the &; Wang Yinquan says, appear this kind of translation of chaos phenomenon, may be associated with the bulls management of government departments, may be another reason for the same agency when making these bilingual signs in different periods, head is not the same person, and they find translation agency is not the same.

yesterday afternoon, the yangzi evening news reporter learned from nanjing zhongshan cemetery administration, English all of them are in the park please professional translation house to translation, such as professor wang reflect problems do exist, they will be the first time error correction. English translation on the park sign have uniform standard, zhongshan cemetery administration did not reply. Reporter zhang narration