Napoleon to Josephine engagement ring will take appraisal 12000 euros

according to local media reports in France, napoleon gave his wife Josephine’s engagement ring in 1796 on March 24, by the Seine, the auction house in the suburbs of Paris auction Fontainebleau.

this 18 mm in diameter of the solid gold ring set with a diamond and a pear-shaped sapphires, appraisal 8000 to 1. 20000 euros (1 euro or RMB 8. 41 yuan).

according to the Seine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, historical relics auction house manager at the time of napoleon savings is not much, pick the ring of the design is simple, but very classic.

in February 1796, napoleon declared was 27 years old, and his six-year-old Josephine engagement. A month later, two people for the wedding. Shortly after the wedding, napoleon’s return to the Italian front, command the lack of training, weapons and equipment with poor French troops defeated the Austrian army, feared around Europe.

in 1804, the queen, Josephine being crowned French first empire later due to Josephine lose fertility, in 1809, napoleon divorced no heir. Napoleon abdicated in April 1814, the same year in May, Josephine Ma Ermei loose castle near Paris in France’s death, at age 49.

it was reported that previously, this ring has been retained in the hands of napoleon’s descendants family. (reporter liang neon neon)