NASA video shows the moon formed 4.5 billion years history, had been a lot of stars

on March 21, according to foreign media reports, NASA has produced a video that shows that the only natural satellite of the earth in its 4.5 billion – year experience in the long years of violent history. The planet every potholes are scarred by a meteorite impact, every surface is ending after the violent history.

NASA said: & other; Year after year, the moon looks like it will never change. The land of the craters and other marks seem to be eternal. But the moon is not always so. We thank the lunar reconnaissance orbiter, now for the past history of this planet have more understanding. Throughout the &;

this video provides an opportunity for us, as a spectator witnessed a in the molten state of the fragments and magma mixture is how to gradually evolved into today we can see such a grey’s natural satellite.

the existing mainstream theory is that the moon is about 4.5 billion years ago as a mars-sized celestial collision, resulting in a large number of hot material ejected into space, when these substances together gradually, condensation formed after the prototype of the moon. Since then, a large number of meteorite strike event, from a large meteorite collision to a micrometeorite particle collision, shaped holes on the surface of the moon today.

in this period of video NASA: first suffer some we can see the moon meteorite impact, then speed, a large number of meteorite impinged on the moon. The lunar reconnaissance orbiter has provided us a lot of new information about the moon, the moon’s orbit distance minimum place only about 15 miles (24 kilometers).