“National commodity” lift nostalgia Bamboo weaving thermos shell thousands of price

recently, a pink bottom, the design of old sheet with peonies popular network, open a wave of nostalgia. As this article & other; National sheets & throughout; Popular, many people began to focus on the side of the old, durable commodities, & other; The pendulum clock & throughout; & other; Throughout the basin &; & other; The thermos bottle & throughout; Also quickly, such as collection of generic Huang Faguang & other; National commodity & throughout; The return of the became a kind of emotion.

& other; National sheets & throughout; Very warm

at the king’s temple antique market on the second floor & other; Tivoli audio & throughout; , in the face of numerous national series of daily necessities, it’s like going to a department store, 50 years ago, textile, daily, shoes and hats, opened the eyes of full of beautiful things in collection. The shopkeeper ms wu told me that in the fifties and sixties of the last century, has something with a printed items is a luxury thing. & other; National sheets & throughout; The most popular in the last century and s, peony is dominant, the design is simple and easy, and made of cotton, is every bride’s dowry necessary. Ms wu said, & other; National sheets & throughout; And iron thermos, hand sewing machines, enamel tea urn although not popular, but still can let a person feel warm, loaded with a lot of people in the story of his childhood.

old-style radios rare

in ms wu’s store, collect a century 50 s production of old-style radios on stage. & other; This is not for sale, and now can’t find a few. Throughout the &; Ms wu said, in the material lack of s, an ordinary worker of two months income to buy a radio. Who can buy a radio, must let the neighbourhood envy for a while. It is understood that this Shanghai 132 type vacuum tube radio is the most precious in its design and materials is relatively advanced at the time, but production is less than 1 year soon replaced by 132-1, 132 the radio is the plant large classic bench marks on the radio. Then the radio, it is difficult to see such a large specification again.

memory of thermos

& other; Thermos bottle shell, to say the most Chinese characteristics that must be made of bamboo weaving, can count as expensive goods at the time. Throughout the &; Ms wu said, very not easy to collect a few bottles, price reached thousands of yuan. Ms wu, Ye Zhaoyan in a thermos, “” bamboo shell related description: newspaper advertising, using vocabulary is exaggerated. First he remember there is a striking advertising, readers’ appetite, asked why the northeast anti-japanese soldiers at the front fighting bravely, answer to put off till the next day until released. Finally unveiled the next day, because the soldiers in the trenches can a drink hot water in the thermos. All say wine can take courage, the meaning of this advertising, is hot water also can warm the heart.