“National son-in-law” Charles huang: this ten years I didn’t take any shortcuts (FIG.)

bring daughter-in-law good times still

bring about “the eternal mash” still

a daughter-in-law good times, make Charles huang played the aftertaste of the audience favorite & other National son-in-law & throughout; . Then he gala, in zhang yimou’s “jinling thirteen women, quickly became the dragao. Recently, starring his drama mash of eternal haven’t started on TV, has been popular in the network. When the propaganda, Charles huang insists that this is his graduation best play played in 10 years. In the face of today’s thriving career, to Shanghai to participate in the activity of hypo that & other; These ten years, I didn’t take any shortcuts. Can someone sit elevator success, but I can’t, I’m afraid to be suspended in the air. Throughout the &;

young: from the king to the class cadre

fart dian fart DianEr to play in the big children come seems everyone has childhood, is no exception for the waves. & other; Our troops in a large group of children, men and women in a total of 35, I in work & lsquo; The head & rsquo; . But you know, king is also up bit by bit, the exquisite heritage. I started is to see the big child bag, if they triumph, I told my friend that a man a popsicles, if a look they are holding back, finished, all the bags we back. Throughout the &;

many stars show extraordinary acting talent at an early age, asked & other; Talent & throughout; Said, hypo & other At that time what all don’t understand, I feel fun & throughout; On two things, but from his still could see he was & other; The activists & throughout; : & other; When I was young & lsquo; Red in May & rsquo; Chorus competition, children have to draw the rouge on face, I am also one of them. I feel good, don’t go home to wash, protected, and go to school the next day or so, with the ghost. That our chorus let us once more sculls again, I am the lead singer, originally coming before the game after I had a high fever, so in the next class fronting a boy. The fever was a day well, so that disease a week. Strange to say, I haven’t chance came to power after lead singer. Sorry, a lifetime of regret! Throughout the &; & other; Kindergarten, class rehearsal “little red riding hood and the Wolf, the Wolf, I was very like to play but who call on the Wolf lelong not sick! I can only play one stone, or back to the audience, is the Wolf a kicked down the stones. Ah! Throughout the &;

hypo although naughty as a child, but do the class cadre, ask its reason, really let a person in distress situation: & other; When I was a child I naughty to a certain extent, became vice President. Do you know why? Because rely on me to suppress other naughty children. Our class is studying, for example, some noisy outside, I’ll go out said: & lsquo; Don’t shout, we class the self-study & rsquo; They immediately quiet. Throughout the &; In addition to in addition to the vice President, hypo & other Distress throughout the &; Health commissioner: & other; A total of six groups in the class, round the cleaning every day, then I check. Inspection qualified, they can go, I’ll turn off the lights and lock the door when you leave. The health commissioner too bad! Throughout the &; In addition, he also worked as a & other; Steal the music & throughout; The ministry of the small group leader: & other; In fact, I quite like when the team leader, a charge to homework, I will copy, say it! Throughout the &;

in those days, in order to stimulate the learning enthusiasm of the waves of, parents also set up & other; Reward mechanism & throughout; : & other; Especially to the New Year’s day, the exam this year firecrackers with you buy, or take an examination of well, automatic buy three dollars a pencil. Pop the transformers to the middle school time, I very want a hercules, but quite expensive, so parents said good reward two test. The result is ok! In fact my elementary school grades can also, but in the third result basically not line, it is because the brain is not be true learning, the work is a little bit tired. It had something to do with puberty. Put the matter to make every day on the dumbbells, also wondering how small cycled on ha-ha and mountain bike that’s all right. All thinking about something else. Throughout the &;

university: long hair & other; Legend & throughout;

performance Charles huang graduated from Beijing film academy, and screen good partner hoi ching are classmates. Daughter-in-law good times at the beginning, the aftertaste and peas are long hair, with Charles huang say & other; A memorial to college & throughout; . & other; Is influenced by our teacher. You see but JiShiLong teacher long hair, Huang Lei teacher long hair, boys have long hair in our class. Female hair nature not to mention the growth. Throughout the &;

although wore her long hair play handsome, but hypo admitted that the university will be some inferiority because of the not handsome beauty. & other; The film academy, in a sense, I kind of inferiority. TV screen is filled with Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan star, are almost always attractive. Long like me? So I was particularly hard in the class. Because I know, if not in the school and get show it through to understand, I rest can not be over after, there was particularly strong sense of crisis. Seven boys in our class, and sometimes chat together drink and smoke, teasing each other & lsquo; I think you like that, graduated, can only play a male number six or seven & rsquo; When really feel no future. Then slowly want to, not equal to running the suitable for his own way, always go on. Throughout the &;

interview, hypo repeatedly mentioned JiShiLong professor. & other; He is also Huang Lei teacher teacher. That is his teacher put my hand into the film academy. Throughout the &; Referring to his teacher, and hypo reveal a kind of very deep feelings. & other; Three test finished at that time, we are the old one by one in the black box to be called. Take the door, I saw a desk, a chair, his teacher sits, and it put a cup of tea, lit up a cigarette, smiling. He looked at me and ask: & lsquo; To tell the truth to take an examination of how many points? & rsquo; I say & lsquo; Probably how many points can come in? & rsquo; Then he said a fraction, & lsquo; This line? & rsquo; I said: & lsquo; A little xuan. & rsquo; At last he thought for 30 seconds, said: & lsquo; If you take an examination of well, don’t hesitate to call me. & rsquo; Gave me a business card. Then I got into. I is our class of fractional line, Charles huang fractional line above all, Charles huang fractional line below all don’t, I just crossed. Throughout the &;

young & other; King & throughout; The nature is not a college fuel-efficient lamp. & other; I read that moment is a legend. All sorts of things you can find me, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I used to have all teachers performance car washed it again. It was cleaning his teacher a person, because I had some things off him, I how to confess a fault, he will not forgive me, I just want to wash the car. Just bought fukang performance when teachers are popular, a row is full of fukang, white, red, most can see a car. I know his car is which the teacher, went to his teacher wash the car. Had just finished washing, another teacher came and saw I said & lsquo; Yo, wash the car it & rsquo; It says I & lsquo; If you want, no problem & rsquo; ! The teacher said & lsquo; That’s good, come & rsquo; . Before washing the car, have to take a long big pipes from other place, the first water washed the car, the blunt give hit another car, it can only wash the bai. Well, a 17 car wash! I haven’t eat lunch, wash to half past five in the afternoon. Is wet when we go back to back. How white hands more white, by the water to bubble! Throughout the &;

take sport, take quality play

actually, Charles huang career can be traced back to the age of 12 in the film “mom”. Asked about how to be cast and are chosen, modest and humorous: hypo answer & other; When studios have a children’s show class, children are likely to be at that time, I was in a group of children play more silly, is elected, just play the retarded children. So the role so far I still feel very suitable for me, ha ha! Throughout the &; “Mom” won several awards, but the age of 12, hypo is not feeling: & other; In fact, I really understand the film, film festival is to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of China. At the Venice film festival has spent five hundred and sixty thousand euros at that time, the “mother” of the film in the digital production again. After several years, I finally got the first poster. Throughout the &;

north shadow just graduated, hypo to play more, some decent, some disappointing, perhaps this is what he called a & other; Through the detours & throughout; . Waves acting career is thriving in recent years, the play also began walking away from quantity to quality, and the efforts, & other; Still should pick up some quality more, will start to choose the script. Throughout the &;

when it comes to the satellite TV in Beijing “mash of immortality”, Charles huang said: & other; Daughter-in-law good times, I face is five children, I will face in the “serial number” is 5 a man. Counterparts, not bad, what all understand, what all don’t understand, and budget. The gang together anti-japanese, like liangshan gathered the 108 men, what strange things out. Throughout the &;

when it comes to the end of June just pushes the jinling thirteen women, hypo said: & other; The show let I met the world’s top war movie production team is how war scenes. Photography team has 38 people, clip is film “inception,” team, according to zhang yimou himself said he met the best screenplay. Throughout the &; There is also a small interlude: during filming & other A close-up, the head did not took my 16 times a day, is a few times before I shake, then either didn’t put in hand grenades position, or smoke is too big too small, or the fan blow the smoke, they just took 16 times. Throughout the &; The perfection of the film in details.

life: under the kitchen also top hall

asked about real life will often cook, hypo satisfiedly say: & other; I ah, twenty vegetables without weigh appearance! Throughout the &; When take the daughter-in-law good times, home show, he will cook a meal to eat: braised chicken wings, hot peppers roasted pork, grilled eggplant, scrambled egg with tomato. & other; I’ll cook, this related to childhood forces compound of life experience. Our unit compound 30 to a child, the parents often travel political learn what of, just left us a lot of meal ticket, call us forces on the dining room to eat to himself. The what’s the time! To eat is bored, bored then you have to quote. So we go to the dining room with meal ticket in raw eggs, and then to my house to do, I just learned to Fried eggs, scrambled eggs. Sometimes buy steamed bread, Fried eggs to a clip inside, and then wipe on fermented bean curd of what, how delicious! Summer vacation my house was the canteen, the oil only stir-frying with very hard. Throughout the &; And he did the most stupid thing, is to see daffodils, thought is the garlic sprout, pick to fry eggs, & other; A taste is bitter! Throughout the &;

Charles huang said, before not fame, he is a very literally of person life. & other; Don’t pay attention to eat don’t pay attention to wear, is an art full of youth. Like big T-shirt shorts in summer, wear a pair of sandals, in pocket packs of cigarettes, around the door rounds and belong to this. Throughout the &; After becoming famous, Charles huang also began to focus on the dress, also recently took a liking to wash clothes on the Internet. & other; A few days ago I spent less than $two hundred, for a single outside coat, 10005600 if it on the market, less than two hundred dollars to me to take down, I’m so happy! Throughout the &; The to Shanghai to attend the men’s health magazine & other Men’s dignity throughout awards &; Activities, Charles huang also don’t forget to familiar with nanchang road, & other; There are two popular logo shops, I generally give seventy percent. Throughout the &;

hypo regulate mood has a recruit. & other; I sometimes meet depressed things, not necessarily is emotional. Also don’t know is who said that, if you are depressed, clean shower, change his clean clothes, or you go to buy new clothes. After buying your mood will be good. Results I buy clothes, the mood was good, the good will take a few days. Throughout the &; Originally used to buy clothes to transform the mood, also works in men.