National tang traditional Chinese paintings returning updo beauty plump comb (FIG.)


a few days ago, however, a picture of a living overseas for many years” national tang murals finally return to the motherland. The mural by ningbo private collectors summer course and Mr Patrick hu hand in hand with 13 million yuan auction house back from Japan.

this fresco, 106 cm tall, 54 cm wide, painted in white stucco walls. Screen main body stand for a plump lady, comb updo, long skirts, shoulder frame silks, hands holding a & other; Quan shoes & throughout; (a visitors), colour and lustre is remaining, line anacreontic, well-preserved. Via expert appraisal, murals should be drawn in the tang period, the return of it is valuable to the study of social economy in tang dynasty grand.

background information:

in the early days of the traditional Chinese painting development & ndash; & ndash; Han wei jin period, the painter’s ladies is show more clear phase, thin coat sleeve. In this period painting theory book called traditional Chinese painter & other; Qinggong, luo yee & throughout; . To the development of traditional Chinese painting to the middle of the tang five dynasties period, Zhu Jingxuan there beginning in the tang dynasty painting record & other Ladies & throughout; Said. Painter of traditional Chinese image also evolved into chang hsuean painting depicted in the image, in order to more accord with the aesthetic taste of dynasty rulers. In the tang dynasty, seiko ladies painter chang hsuean, rib, etc., zhou chang hsuean is zhou-fang’s teacher, the exquisitely imparting, represents the typical style of traditional Chinese paintings of tang dynasty. But for long time, chang hsuean paintings mostly but still stored away. Existing practice figure “dao” volume, “the comely lady YouChun figure, volumes, and although the initiated from figure wu or for posterity, but can still be a glimpse of the painting skills. & have spent

well-developed in the natural and graceful elegant, is the unique beauty of tang. The prosperity of empire, bursting in the pattern on the face, colorful, a reverse intoxicated.