National treasure “xu” documents “legend: black market sales have been as fake

& other; “Xu li documents & throughout; Record the white troublesome yellow (local)

by xu refers to the ritual of husband and wife’s tomb robbers

eastern suburb of the dragon king of wuyi mountain, Wu Yijiang flow, mountain river is open, birdsong phase.

the small hillside, on one side of the correlation of the loess, sending out the new turned the corner, occasionally to see a few grey brick, a tomb was covered with horses.

it’s host name is “li xu, a southern song dynasty ordinary officials, like many tombs, his wife was buried there.

in 2005, five grave robbers stolen here to open a hole, the tomb of items looted. Until the end of last year, the bandits grave robbers were captured, and recover part of the stolen goods.

but who also don’t think, recover the goods, a detailed record “xu li shi official career and government affairs, for 17 volumes of documents, shocked the historiography circle.

yesterday, wuyi people’s government held a press conference. Introduced at the meeting, this is new of the republic of China since its creation, tombs found in the song dynasty documents for the first time in our country. After the identification, cultural relic identification committee of zhejiang province & other; “Xu li documents & throughout; Is a state-level rare and precious cultural relics.

now, let us into the saga of this national treasure.

1202) two years (southern song jia tai, wuyi people Xu Bangxian added a son in the home, the name “xu li.

this year, Xu Bangxian is 45 years old. At that time, he is the southern song dynasty court cannot ignore a worthies.

Xu Bangxian the imperial exam does not first, took scholar, thinker and writer cat sister, and his work in director decisive, commend good talent to Xu Bangxian &industry officer to ShiLang and linan magistrate, that is, as well as the capital, the economy minister, the mayor of hangzhou.

refers to the ritual is the xu xu’s youngest son, since the childhood, he grew up in such a scholarly family and prominent family. Like most young people, in his youth daily studying the classics, to grow great in fame imperial.

but he did not succeed.

poets “xu li

& other; Officer the second generation & throughout; The shadow of grace as officials

first job was working in hangzhou bureau staff

in the song dynasty, for the imperial no successful & other Officer the second generation & throughout; The status of their parents, rely on the relationship, also be able to get the court appointed, tight, this system is called & other; The shadow of grace & throughout; .

the son born “xu li, each of a set of political system subtle details is familiar to heart, he is very clear in official career, there are two of the biggest obstacles.

is first & other; The shadow of grace earners & throughout; This hat. In the song dynasty, shadow let many officer the second generation have a decent business, but their political status than the imperial officials who is much lower, they have little promotion to senior officials.

another, it is the southern song dynasty official establishment redundant and swollen. Because less official positions, officials, often by the court in officials sent after former on-the-job, also have to wait until to officially took office after his departure, bad luck, a position and waiting in the queue for the several officials in office.

“xu li’s first job was working in linan house food material court when bearing service, equivalent to an ordinary clerk in grain bureau. “Xu li 19 this year, his life is just beginning.

life 12 times promotion

before death was appointed mayor of quanzhou

in the southern song dynasty 30 classes of rank, bearing service lang is ranked from do, at the end of the smaller than Stephen chow’s “hail the judge”.

is the biggest opponent at that time, the southern song dynasty rulers, & other; Military forces are still hay first & throughout; Common sense, make the southern song dynasty had to attaches great importance to the food problem.

linan house food material is the capital of grain bureau, in charge of GuanFeng and sal, xu said even though the ritual order is very low, but fortunately, the young man was in an important division.

34 years went, “xu li lackluster career, in a nutshell, he from central to local, from low to intermediate level, as wu jiang county deputy county magistrate, liyang county & hellip; & hellip; Until the mayor of shangrao in jiangxi province, fujian quanzhou mayor.

“li xu lifetime promotion for 12 times, the final rank as from six parts.

let xu “proud of is, in his life, a total of three who were promoted by outstanding achievements, for the shadow of grace was born officials, this is a very rare abnormality is promoted.

the greatest impact on later

is a recommendation from the famous rape phase Jia Shidao

however, this does not help “li xu, have made him the biggest impact on later age, perhaps is a famous crafty phase Jia Shidao wrote the rulers of the city.

in that era, referrals from friends and relatives officer very normal, “xu li & other documents; Officials progress review & throughout; , a total of 80 is 31, which is written by xu call gift for friends and relatives all kinds of the rulers of the city, one object of pledge, is Jia Shidao.

due to “xu li, Jia Shidao on official career, but the powerful Jia Shidao in the future, not to big he is 11 years old xu li yongquan.

in 1252, xu said the ritual life finally in the hands of an appointment, & other; Lifting persons and know quanzhou fujian city & throughout; , which is equal to the management of customs mayor and director of the quanzhou, fujian province, at the time, here is one of the largest port in southern song dynasty, is the world trade center.

however, only two years later, the 53-year-old “xu li passed away with regrets, he died is still sitting in the shinshu magistrate (shangrao mayor) official positions, did not wait for quanzhou magistrate’s departure.

“li xu descendants, buried together with his wife, in his hometown, wuyi longwang mountain brook street in hu village.

in addition to some simple jars of wawa, posterity, also have on the paper copying the commission xu said the ritual life and progress. This is to keep a record of all his official career was once alive at the end of the evidence to him.

now, “xu li and his wife soon drowned out in time. Until 2005, when a few just build the near luoyang shovel, five heterogeneous grave robbers, before this period of history.

in wuyi, yongkang area, there are a number of enthusiasts, including grave robbers. They usually to & other Mr & throughout; As a cover, a trace of the tomb.


their 30 s and 40 s, Yang cheng, wang mou, soup and xu, is such a group of people. Soup has research on antiquities, feng shui, and wang mou is only 1.5 meters, is famous in the grave world figure.

but they knock on xu said, it is still a surprise.

Five grave robbers

unexpectedly found digging bamboo shoots tomb

ransacked overnight

in April 2005, wang mou in wuyi ripe dragon mountain brook street in hu village, dig bamboo shoots. Faintly, he saw the earth, revealing the some stone steps, although some broken, but apparently spread up.

in the evening, wang mou is found, Yang cheng, take prepared luoyang shovel, thrust into the ground. Seven or eight, a shovel encountered the similar stone, according to the experience, there are ancient tomb.

soon, they used shovels dug down, built of brick and stone. Chambers neatly, fill the gaps with stone, is a complete sealed space, that is to say, no one stolen before.

they take steel cone, the stone cut a hole, a purple coffin to present in front of the eyes. Grave robbers took an axe, towards the corner of the coffin hard in the past & hellip; & hellip;

then, wang mou from smashed open hole to climb into a coffin, in front of item: (romijn-stamos paperweight, inkstone, private printing & hellip; & hellip; Brush a brush with fine clothes, also can see light.

he knew, were likely will be official.

when grave robbers looted after the tomb items, it was already there, they take & other; Trophy & throughout; , quietly went home.

black market sales as & other; Fake goods & throughout;

sold was returned again

that night, from the tomb grave robbers paperweight, inkstone, steal private seal, also conveniently take wax paper. In order not to attract attention, these things, and five of them separately.

later, they started up to four or five years & other The shelter head & throughout; .

it was not until 2011 that they will dare to take the baby out. Paperweight, inkstone, private printing & hellip; & hellip; Soon came away in his hands, and only those documents wax, let them have a headache.

after the unwrapped wax, seems to be 17 volumes of his “instruments, with some knowledge of ancient prose, they know that this is the period of the document, and seems to be an official & other; Resume & throughout; .

this is beyond the confines of their knowledge, don’t know 17 volumes of his official & other; Resume & throughout; How much money can sell, but they know that must be together, not scattered.

they offered 800000 yuan, and chose the longest of a roll of paper, take the photos, to market to find a buyer.

can hear the text of the paper is the southern song dynasty period, all questioned the authenticity of this treasure. In 2011, they had to sell to a Beijing antique collectors, can clinch a deal, the buyers more think more think document is false, he found the grave robbers, ask to return money.

grave robbers returned only a part of the money, as a result, there are 4 volume documents by Beijing detained by the buyer.

museum long inadvertently found

the police recover 17 volumes document

in the meantime, the Zhang Wenshu photos circulating, happens to be the original curator Dong Sanjun see wuyi museum.

in the beginning, he also thought that is false.

until March 2011, the zhejiang province cultural relic institute of archaeology researcher Zheng Jiali a business trip to wuyi, see this photo, he put the photos amplifier, carefully studied the text above, the conclusion is obtained: regardless of content or form, this volume instrument not forged.

Zheng Jiali speculated that, since the recent someone think & other Sell & throughout; This volume officer die documents, most likely, just stolen is a tomb.

Dong Sanjun to wuyi public security bureau to report immediately.

after investigation, the police locked one of grave robbers. Cheng But for the sake of the safety of the cultural relics, the police did not precipitate action.

in the end, some came up with a solution: let the wuyi public security bureau police officer pan pretending to be interested in cultural relics & other; Rich second generation & throughout; , disguised as & other; Buyers & throughout; , on the grounds that the photos can’t distinguish authenticity and asked for some come with real business.

as expected when cheng, he says, they hand the remaining 13 volumes 3 documents and blank paper, respectively stored in five people’s hand.

in order to capture these people, in October 2011, pan officer let middlemen to bring cheng message: he is willing to buy with 1 million yuan price, cheng wait for a person enchanted.

in late December 28, amid a cornucopia, five grave robbers were caught, volume 13 document has been recovered.

this year on July 5, diaspora in Beijing four volumes of documents were recovered, 17 volumes & other; “Xu li documents & throughout; Set qi.

our reporter Zhu Lizhen Zhang Miao

our correspondent Mr. Xu wen/sc