Native Indian woman was when the animal exhibition Naked dance in exchange for food (FIG.)

native Indian women are when the animal exhibition (video capture)

international online features: on January 12, according to AFP news, the British media has revealed that India’s Andaman Islands (Andaman Islands) on the indigenous people are treated as profit tools, like animals in the zoo is displayed to tourists, for visitors to sing and dance in exchange for food.

the UK the observer recently unveiled a undated video, images, according to India’s andaman islands Jarawa tribe of women are treated as animal general exhibition. Local police after taking bribes, let these native dancing and singing entertainment tourists, some women even naked performance. While happy tourists throwing bananas, and cookies to them in return.

this paragraph of video caused attaches great importance to the protection of human rights organizations and some politicians, they strongly condemned this practice. India for tribal affairs minister dior (v. Kishore Chandra Deo) to the Press Trust of India news agency (Press Trust of India) says it has an investigation on the matter. Dior stressed: & other; Not allowed to take people as animals and to exploit, regardless of the nature of this practice is strongly prohibited. Throughout the &;

but work in the andaman islands, an anthropologist at a. Justin to question this video shooting time. Justin said, before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami residents may have encountered a similar thing (refers to the forced to entertain visitors in food), but after the tsunami situation changed. In addition, 6, 7 years ago many residents here really kept the habit of naked body, but now they were dressed in public places.

the observer, however, insisted that the newspaper reporter recently did witness to the visitors to the indigenous throwing bananas, and cookies, asing if is exhibition of human and other local The zoo & throughout; . In addition, the local merchants also tells a reporter, only need to pay a certain amount of money to the police can enjoy this & other; Entertainment & throughout; . (yu huan)