Nearly hundred Chinese people in Canada “naked run wreck bay” madness (FIG.)

hundred people in Canada & other; Wreck bay naked run & throughout; Chinese are crazy (figure)

wang (left) and Mr. Chen, for two consecutive years in naked run together. “World journal” (Canada/tang was taken)

object enthusiasts, generous ran naked. “World journal” (Canada/tang was taken)

Beijing, July 23 (Reuters) according to the world journal of Canada, vancouver, British Columbia (UBC) at the university of celestial resort near the Wreck bay Beach (Wreck Beach) 21 afternoon very busy, the 17th & other; Wreck bay naked run throughout the game &; Busy (Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run) the brilliant sunshine, about one hundred people to participate in the 5 km Run naked, there is no lack of among them Chinese faces, but predominantly male.

Beijing immigrants immigration Chen, wang and Taiwan have been together for two years, said that in the future if time permits, we will continue to attend. Mr Wang said, for the first time on the beach because curious, decided to take off clothes to participate in running or feel very shy. However, & other; Really stripped naked, after began to enjoy nature, the feeling can only be described as really cool, very relaxed. May find difficult at first, once take off after the first time, again to run naked is natural, because the person originally came to this world is the light off to take off. Throughout the &;

, 69, the third generation of Chinese americans Zhu Guanwen, ten years in a row to run naked, the way he is very like this kind of intimate contact with nature. He also said that, & other; Naked run rather than any problem, or a recommended way to exercise & throughout; .

sponsor representative Williams (Judy Williams), said naked run activities aimed at advocated naturalism, abandon the secular vision, promote to accept the concept of and care for the body, let people to look at naked right, more can reduce suicide rates. She also said, elegant mann da? Todd (Amanda Todd) due to years of bullying and suicide of tragedy, because people can’t in the correct view of nudity, led to her being photographed nude subjected to bullying and premature death.

in addition, wreck bay protection association will also be raising funds through the activities, assist to carry out the wreck bay conservation work, protect the vancouver original style of the natural environment and promote harmony with nature.

the game to the 5 km, the participants were assigned to the eight categories, according to the age respectively under the age of 12, 13 to 16 and 17 to 25, 26 to 35, 36, 46 to 55 years old to 45 years old, aged 56 to 65, and 65.

this year’s winner from vancouver, tesla (Geoff Scoates), won by 20 minutes and 40 seconds, young at naked run competition test manager is the second time, for the first time last year to attend the third he crossed the finish line. (tang)