Net announced on February 29, as do “women day” was rejected the girl can claim

recently, some netizens said tweeting & other; February 29 is & lsquo; Do women day & rsquo; , the male must promise. Throughout the &; According to netizens, this is & other; European aristocrats specially set up & lsquo; Do women day & rsquo; , on this day female can be bold to vindicate, and in principle that men have to promise. If men do not allow for a certain number of women & lsquo; Sad compensation & rsquo; And 4 years. Throughout the &; Some netizens said jokingly, & other; & lsquo; Do women day & rsquo; The & lsquo; Rarity & rsquo; As the Olympic Games. Every female children’s shoes, still hesitant? Throughout the &;

this so-called & other; Do women day & throughout; Whether is a parody of netizens? The reporter discovers to consult the relevant historical data, the original this holiday there just the way it is.

this special day origin can be traced back to 1288 in Scotland. At the time of Scotland on February 29 as determined by the & other; Women’s rights day & throughout; Of law, queen Margaret decree, announced February 29 in a leap year, a woman can propose to men. And to freely chasing women and men who refused to accept the warning fines. And in that day the rejection of the courtship male can take out 1 pound as a symbolic & other; Redeem free & throughout; , or to the courtship failure & other; The woman & throughout; Present silk clothes.

recently, weibo netizens began for this & other; New & throughout; Holiday do planning. Women’s shoes are considered, of course, is how to do the feast. The net friend & other; @ no character & throughout; Is straightforward: & other; Quickly to the exciting moment. Have compensation is good. Can you justify more than a few? Throughout the &;

however, men is, of course, & other; Care more music less & throughout; . More and more people think about is how to see instead. The net friend & other; @ Wen Haoyu & throughout; Truth: & other; If a girl do with married, how can that be ok? Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Moist and king @ night & throughout; Fears of more solid: & other; Dizzy!!!! More than a new festival again! The purse to bleeding again! Throughout the &;